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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. AudioNoob
    I will be reviewing the free later in december when they send it to me (they are working on a firmware update).
    I think you can get the bomaker sifi still which people likened to mpow before, and it has a much smaller case.
  2. hifi80sman
    Yeah, probably not. :wink:

    Most defective units don't have low-grade sound...it's usually some type of distortion, popping, etc. pr connectivity issues. Often, there are mismatched drivers, but even in those cases, you can still generally discern if the sound/signature is good or not. I'm REALLY curious to try these out now, just to see if they are that bad! LOL!

    I was never a big fan of the 65t, but didn't think they were bad. I always thought they were no more than what I would describe as "solid", but not special. Sort of the Toyota Corolla of TWS' (super-functional, but not a chick magnet).
  3. hifi80sman
    Also, you can try opening your mouth when inserting the buds (grow up you people with dirty minds!). It tends to open your ear canals and then allow for a seal when you close your mouth.
  4. hifi80sman
    Really?! Man, love these things. The presets are pretty good, and depending on the track, I use Signature, Flat, or Piano. I'll use the Bass Booster setting when I need to go Beast Mode and run the football.

    Sorry to hear that, though!
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  5. Pete7874
    Or pull your earlobe to the back while you are inserting the tip.
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  6. ld100
    Would you be able to share your initial importations regarding the sound tomorrow?
  7. hifi80sman
    If you can go up to around $100, you'll be in a much better league to get something that sounds excellent. Big fan of the Anker Liberty 2 that's available on Amazon for $89 after a $10 off coupon. You can also pick them up in-store at pretty much any WalMart. These are very close to Liberty 2 Pro in terms of sound and in pretty much every other aspect.


    At the $50 or less price point, I'd strongly recommend the MPOW T5, but you've obliviously already tried to grab those.
  8. Chrisdu18e
  9. ld100
    I received Shanling mtw100 and what a let down! Extremely bright and unnatural sounding. Very poor fit. No matter what app I tried to equalize nothing worked. Low end is too weak and artificial. Highs are just bright. Sound never gets loud. Even compare to Jabra 65t they are just horrible. Very disappointing. Is it just me? Are there wireless that actually sound good?
  10. hifi80sman
    What have you tried so far?
  11. ld100
    jabra65 and jlabs. Both were not great but significantly better than Shanling
  12. Pete7874
    Thanks. How does the EQ work on these? Is it adjusted through a phone app? Once you set the EQ, will the IEMs memorize it so that you can utilize the memorized EQ curve with another source such as a DAP?
  13. clerkpalmer
    Mine arrive monday. The first units in the US just shipped. Will report back. Have high hopes on sq.
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  14. HiFlight
    Bummer! My 75t is due to arrive tomorrow.
  15. jasaero
    I am thinking something with fit and ear tips are partly to blame if it seemed "bright". If I have one aspect that I can say isn't accurate with them it's that they lack treble response. If they aren't sealed my BAs will sound somewhat bright from losing all the bass though. They don't respond to an EQ well for some reason. Not sure if that is the BA driver or something with how it doesn't respond to and EQ with a normal gain in that range and instead recesses others or something weird. I tried to hunt down things I could hear more properly in the more spendy ones I tested and not on those, but didn't find much. I do think they are WAY more sensitive to having GOOD seal though. Maybe something to do with the BA driver if you got that version. I thought they were total junk compared to my SSK until I finally picked a tip that sorta sealed ok. Then they were really decent.

    Will whole heartedly agree on volume. Pretty silly and must just be something to do with tiny battery and desire to claim long battery life.

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