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Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

  1. hifi80sman
    Dumb question, but you made sure you didn't have another EQ going on, correct? If not, wow, just wow! :xf_eek:
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  2. hifi80sman
    Shrek was the lead character. Just sayin'.
  3. tma6
    From what I recall about the 65ts, it seems to me that these actually sound worse. I could be particularly sensitive to overly boomy bass, but it's also that instruments did not even sound like what they were. Maybe if you only listen to dubstep and like the sound of standing next to a subwoofer then these could work. But even for electronic music I felt that they didn't sound good. To my ears, the tonality is completely off and they sounded super cheap.
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  4. tma6
    Nah I had all other EQ off =/, I guess it's possible I had a defective unit?
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
  5. jasaero
    I suspect the Soundcore LP2, but didn't try a lot of bass focused music or really try and EQ to surface that more and compare. The LP2 standard app setting is more bass focused though and it's nice. Suspect if you EQed the MW07 it could be similar or better, but it's under emphasized and requires 3rd party EQ to bring that forward as a focus. Had listened to bass heavy tracks with the MW07+, but was a few days prior. They are very accurate and not boomy at all, but not a focus of the stock tuning at all, even though they can extend low well and clean.

    Basically if you want a simple way to get good bass emphasized tuning with clean bass the Soundcore LP2 are most straight forward way to get there I think. Probably from my memory of the MW07+ bass response though it is a bit less "boomy" than LP2 when it is there.
  6. jasaero
    Do you get clipping when on the volume boosted profiles like acoustic if playing sorta loud? I do and it doesn't seem the volume is so extreme it should do that...seems to be something about the levels and boost going on. Never tried to tinker with phone and headset volume to see what will stop the clipping. Just sorta curious if that is normal behavior with these boosted profiles and high volume.
  7. mattedialdoc
    I’m really enjoying the APP....but hard to get a good seal on the right side. Takes a bunch of fiddling around.Using the “L” tips. If anyone sees aftermarket tips pop up for the APP please shoot me a PM. Thanks!
  8. mattedialdoc
    Ok this is weird...just switched the tips btwn the buds and got a seal on the R on the first try. Strange.
  9. WesennTony
    Looks like I'm the only one on the opposite side regarding L2P. The replacement did reduce the hiss to be barely noticeable, which is good. But the sound is too "digital" and less cohesive to my ears. Sound better when EQed with piano or vocal boosted, but still not my taste. The tone is just not real to me. Besides they're even bulkier than Nt01ax, with a large case. Gotta return them.
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  10. webvan
    Can't comment on the sound but yes, the form factor, reminds me of the XM3s and I'd rather forget that poor experience.
  11. Pete7874
  12. tma6
    Yo so after reading a couple positive reviews about the 75t I feel like there’s no way the one I got was properly functioning. It sounded too bad. I’m gonna try again so we’ll see.
  13. Justin US
    I'm in a similar spot. I found this, written by a member, https://www.scarbir.com/guide/best-sounding-wireless-earphones-50-dollar
  14. tma6
    Actually not sure if I’ll try again, think I’m just gonna wait till the 1mores come out. But I’d disregard what I said to some degree. Sorry bout that.
  15. Pete7874

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