Giving Grado a chance, need your opinions
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Aug 3, 2010
So I decided to give Grado a chance and I'm going out to b&h tomorrow and I decided on two models that were just right for the budget:
Oh and by the way, I don't think they have those up for I'd have to buy them and experience them.
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You're better off just getting a used Grado RS-1 here. Usually around $450. Much better than either of those two. HF-2 is only $429 new as well. Trust me, they are worth it over both RS2 and SR-325(i/is). SR-325is are too bright and RS-2 aren't all hat much better tbh. RS1 and HF-2 are defnitely worth it over both those headphones you have listed. Do B&H have a sale on the RS2i that I do not know of? Coz I would never pay that amount for RS2i. HF-2 and RS-1 are much better and cheaper (usually) ime.
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Find a shop that has them out for audition.  Even better if it is a shop where you can bring in your own amp to make sure they'll sound right with your setup.  You must be in NYC if you're going to B&H.  There's got to be many shops in NYC that have the whole SR series and the RS series out for audition in the store.  Take advantage of that opportunity.
Listen to the SR225i, SR325is, RS2i, and the RS1i.  Try them with music you generally listen to.  Make sure they're all using bowl pads in similar condition.  Otherwise it's hard to do an apples to apples comparison.
I have never listened to the RS1 or RS2 yet.  Can't comment on them.  I have listened to the SR series.  Don't neglect considering the SR225i.  It has the advantage of not being as painful to listen to (both physically and hearing) compared to the SR325is.  The 325is can be harsh with some music and some gear.  I have the 325is and I get selective about what I let myself listen to with it, much more selective than I'd be if I had the SR225i.  There's some music that just doesn't work on it.  So beware.  That's a general comment about Grado in general, but the SR325is takes it a little more extreme.

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