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GIVEAWAY — MAYA by Vibro Labs

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  1. verbositynow
    Red.  Definitely red.
  2. areek
    My fav is green but I think you like the purple ones.
  3. Tadeas
    My: Purple
    Yours: Purple too :) 
  4. Nusho
    Orange for both of us!
  5. BigAund
    Red for sure
  6. CoiL
  7. cocolinho
    black because ... "back in black I hit the sack!" 
  8. Redcarmoose
  9. Dingding123
  10. wormsdriver
    I hate candy and I particularly do not like Skittles. Actually, I've never eaten a Skittles in my life, like I said I don't like candy. 
    With all that said I'll pick yellow 'cause that's my daughter's favorite color. [​IMG] 
    I'm assuming yours is yellow too because it's such a happy color.[​IMG]
  11. Kerouac
    Nice! A free giveaway...gotta love these. But eeeeh, I (also) don't think I ever ate a skittle...did I miss out on something (besides a decent education) in life?
    I pick orange, because the dutch football (yeah, that's what they call soccer in EU) team has been performing so terrible over the past years, that it can use some colour support.
    Guessing yours is purple. Based on the shirt you're wearing on your avatar. It's probably made out of under high pressure compressed skittles, isn't it?
  12. twice tzuyu
  13. Blazer39
    Red all the way!
  14. pspd96
  15. LoneRanger
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