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Here is my experience: -
An order of Sennheiser MX985 was placed at 8th Dec. 2012, and was paid immediately via Paypal. I received the Paypal receipt and nothing else. From the online feedback, I know GimmeDigi is run by a major HK company and backed by HP as a joined project, but it is known to provide very slow service - which isn't a problem as I am in no rush, plus they offer good price and MX985 isn't very easy to find. So I took my chance
After a week of waiting, I eventually emailed them and asked for progress, which is when they told me for the first time that it is out-of-stock, but also promised to restock it. Almost three more weeks later when I finally emailed them again, they replied and told me they are not going to restock it and I can change my order to another headphone. Losing in faith, I asked for refund and they agreed - that's 3th Jan 2013. By 7th Jan 2013, without seeing any refund in my Paypal account, I sent them an email and tell them that I will open a Paypal dispute if I don't see my money back by the end of 8th Jan. 2013 (today), then they replied back and told me they need 7 days to process refund (which is fresh information at this point as they hadn't mentioned anything when they told me they will refund me). I tell them that information should have been included when they told me that they will refund me, not after I tell them I'll go for a dispute. I insisted I'll go for a dispute unless I see my refund by the end of today and, not surprisingly, the refund is in my account a few hours later.
Here is a company that not only fails to keep its promise to its customer, but also never actively communicate and inform to its customer about the situation. They'll rather let you discover their inability to run a  business. It is bad enough to have a reputation of slow service, but this is a company that provides almost no service at all. As I told them in the end, their neglection to the customer is downright scary.
To all others that were tempted by their low price - just DON'T. It is not worth the trouble.

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