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Gilmore Lite

Discussion in 'Amplification For Sale / Trade' started by omedon, Sep 15, 2012.
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  1. omedon
    For Sale
    I'm selling my whole setup as I haven't used it in years and have more or less moved on to loudspeakers.
    This is a Headamp Gilmore Lite v2 with Elpac power supply. These have a loop out and make a great Pre-Amp. I'm the original owner and it has been babied and is still in excellent condition. Really sad to see this beauty go but I can't justify keeping it any more. Maybe one day she'll return to me. Matches great with Grado's.
    $245 USD/CAD shipped no paypal fees to CAN/USA
    You can view my Head-fi Feedback here
    My ebay handle is algernon_11
  2. e19650826
    This is a great amp, but I don't believe it can be used as a pre-amp. Loop-out is basically just directly wiring a pair of output jacks to the input jacks, so the signal can be delivered to another set-up without the hassle of un-plugging and plugging. 
    Regardless, this is a great amp. Superb design and I'm sure superb sound. It deserves a much better PSU than Elpac though. Something like Sigma 11 is more fitting. 
  3. omedon
    I contacted Justin at Headamp.com and got this clarified
  4. complin
    Dont understand this can you explain?
  5. omedon
    I remember reading reviews stating that the Gilmore Lite made a great pre-amp. But it has been many years and I never had the opportunity to use it as one. So to be sure I contacted the fellow who built this amp, Justin Wilson, to double check that it could be indeed used as a pre-amp. You are quite correct that the loop out is only useful in the way you describe.
    However, as Justin confirmed, if you insert a 1/4" to Female RCA adaptor into the headphone jack the effect is the exact same as you would get if you were to plug into the Pre-Amp Out of one of the other models offered with that option.
    Which is what I expected.
    I see you may have been confused with my wording "these have a loop out and make a great pre-amp". It is two separate statements. It is not because they have a loop out that they make a great pre-amp. To use it as a pre-amp you must connect your power amp to the headphone out. You can do this with a 1/4" to RCA adaptor.
  6. e19650826
    I thought this is the Gilmore Lite, which does not look like it has a direct pre-amp out.
    EDIT:I believe the photo that you have above is a GS-1.
    By the way, I trust Justin very much, so I don't doubt his words. I just want to make sure there is no misinformation. Maybe you can clarify the original post a little stating that the headphone out can also double as a pre-amp out.
  7. omedon
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