Gilmore lite or c2c?
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Jun 29, 2008
@OP - I've heard both the Gilmore Lite and the Audio GD C-2C though not at the same time. I've tried both with a Denon D2000 and D5000. Both amps have enough juice to drive the Denons.

Since I own the C-2C and have spent a longer time with the C-2C (promo version), I would say that it actually has too much power for the denons, you'd probably want to ask Kingwa to lower the gain if you plan to use it with the D7000.

The C-2C was one of my best purchases as it gave life to my HD650 and my K701 (now sold).

I honestly cannot say which one is better between the amps, since I didn't audition them with the same source.

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