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GI/FS: RSA Predator #619

  1. lootbag
    I have a USED Predator in EXCELLENT physical condition for its age.
    100% mechanical condition.
    All original accessories included, as well as box.
    Everything is there.
    Over 1000 hours on this amp, beautiful sound.

    $400CAD Negotiable

    I would like to keep the sale local for now and see if there is any interest for local pick up.
    TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA only for now.
    You can choose for me to take off the CF wrap or to leave it on.

    Email to: adrian.luk@gmail.com for immediate response.

    Follow links for photos:
    on the go on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    #619 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Thanks For Your Interest [​IMG]
  2. lootbag
  3. lootbag
    bump! no takers in Toronto? Darn.
  4. violineb
    Hey man, I sent you an email- I want this [​IMG]
  5. lootbag
  6. adabuda
  7. lootbag
    bump, still for sale
    I will include a Whiplash Audio SCSCag Viablue LOD with sale.
  8. illumineering
    I'm just across the border in northern PA.  Is the amp still for sale?  If so, and you are willing to ship to the states, please let me know!  I have 285 feedback on ebay under the same name.

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