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Getting rid of ground loops: What is the best option?

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by chewy4, Nov 2, 2012.
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  1. chewy4
    I'm currently using a three to two prong adapter on my amp, but apparently this is extremely dangerous.
    Anyone know of any other solutions?
    I've heard of ground loop isolators, but do they degrade the sound quality? It seems like they could mess with the sound a bit.
    Are there better options?
  2. Steve Eddy
    Well, I wouldn't say it's EXTREMELY dangerous, but it does defeat the AC safety ground which isn't recommended.
    What's your signal chain?
  3. chewy4
    PC > Asgard > Headphones.
    Plugged into the same power strip(some Belkin rotating one).
  4. temporaryname
    Ive heard of plugs you put in the power point to absorb residual electricity. They may help. Apparently they're cheap.

    But im no expert. Listen to steve.
  5. Steve Eddy
    Something like the Jensen CI-2RR would break your ground loop. They're not exactly cheap, but they're very high quality.
    Edit: Just checked, Markertek has them for $149.95, which is $30 less than what Jensen's selling them for direct.
  6. paradoxper
    He was already advised on a isolator in another thread. I think he's looking for some kind of other alternative. Such as lifting the ground,
    super shielded cables or something otherwise out of the box...
  7. chewy4
    I was?
    I was curious here if using one degrades sound quality. I've only heard of them just recently, and was looking into them.
    Thanks Steve, I might give that a shot. $150 doesn't seem bad, definitely better than buying a transformer or something. 
    Although I'm wondering, is it really just the device that has the 3 to 2 prong adapter that's at risk(other than me being at risk of being electrocuted)? Because I'm not sure if it would be worth it for me to spend $150 to protect a $250 amp that's under warranty. But if it helps protect the other $1500 of stuff in the strip it would be worth it.

  8. paradoxper
    Got you and the OP boyyo mixed up, apologies. 
    The other thing you may want to double check is that it's a ground loop and not hum from interconnects.
    My Lyr drove me crazy for a while and it turns out after switching out the RCA's the noise went away. 
  9. chewy4
    Yeah I figured, not a problem.
    It's a ground loop though, the 3 to 2 prong fixes it. I'm just concerned about the safety of it.
  10. paradoxper
    You're pretty much putting your gear at risk if something power related were to happen. 
    I'd definitely defer to Steve on if/how it's possible to make a cheater plug safer.
  11. chewy4
    Yeah but all my gear in the strip, or just the gear with the cheater plug?
    Because that's definitely covered by warranty, they recommended using one. So it wouldn't be worth it to spend $150 on it unless it's a fire hazard or can damage other stuff in the strip.

  12. paradoxper
    That's weird. Cheater plugs violate codes, so I'm wondering how or why they'd standy by the warranty. Steve, you got any insight?
    The risk is nominal, but still, it's a risk. An isolation transformer would solve the problem and ease your mind of any accidents.
  13. chewy4
    Schiit recommends using a cheater plug, so that would be pretty messed up if it voided the warranty.
    I am guessing it puts more than just the amp in danger worst case scenario though...
  14. paradoxper
    They do?
    I've never heard of anyone electrocuting themselves from a cheater plug, but I suppose, yea, there's a risk (worst case scenario).
  15. chewy4
    Yep, in the case of ground loops that's what they tell people to use. Both in the Asgard manual and they've recommended me use one via email.
    There have been cases of people getting electrocuted by them but I'm more concerned about my gear. I can just turn the amp off whenever I'm messing with the plugs.
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