Getting rid of - dilemma, CD1700 or MDR-7509
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Oct 3, 2002
I have too many headphones still. Despite a fellow member here planning to take the HD600 and the Eggos off my hands, I'm still looking to cut my collection further. A couple more Audio-Technicas will join my stable shortly but they will most probably be replacements for what I have already (i.e. I will likely be flogging some A-T's later as well
To me, the MDR-7509 and the MDR-CD1700 sound quite similar with the kind of music I think shines best on these phones (female jazz/vocal stuff). The CD1700 has the edge in sound, it sounds altogether better. The MDR-7509 sounds a tad worse (but not unacceptably so) but is a lot more practical (portable) and is more comfortable for me. I want to keep the sound that these have because nothing else I have has the mellowness.
Right now I'm totally deadlocked. But it's no point keeping both of these. Help me make up my mind... Which to dispose of?
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Easy choice, get rid of the MDR-7509 now. Sony MDR-CD1700 needs good amp to sing. The CD1700 excels in vocals and gives you extra wide soundstage. I don't think the 7509 worths the price tag of 199.00 dollars. Spare the life of CD-1700 and you will thank me later.

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I have (a few) good amps. At least that's what I'm told by my friends who have other commercially produced headphone amps. I've tried both with them. They are remarkably similar. The CD1700 is better always, but not by a ginormous amount...

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