getting rid of clicking for Zero DAC... and which opamps?
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Oct 13, 2005
This is a 2-parter.

First of all, I just got my Zero DAC today, and one thing that's bothering me is the constant clicking that comes from the box whenever a new sound starts playing after some silence. This is true either when using the USB>Optical adapter that I bought it with (Xitel Digiport MD-PORT DG2) or with onboard sound from my motherboard > optical.

I read (after some googling) that it's a USB adapter issue (something about a persistent signal), but I guess that might not be true? I also found a picture of the Xitel thingy with a switch on it, but mine doesn't have that switch.

Question 2: What opamps should a noob like me try as replacements? I.e., what's a popular combination. I guess I would try ordering samples from

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