Getting an DAC or downgrade to wireless headset?
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Apr 5, 2020
So i was planning to get Steelseries Arctis 7 for COD Warzone and BFV
because these AAA titles supports and Needs 7.1VSS for best experience
but then i came across this Creative Sound Blaster G3 and G6
i have a few question , hope people here could answer me
my current setup is GSP500 from senn's and Fiio Q1 Mk2

1)Regarding G3
1.1 ) does the G3 support 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound? or its just 3D Audio ?
1.2) if the G3 only supports 3D Audio but not 7.1 VSS (like G6's dolby Atmos ) , how is it compared to normal 7.1 and Dolby Atmos 7.1? is it still good?
1.3) Will a 7.1 VSS/3D Audio software based solution makes my GSP500 sounds very good in positioning for games like COD and BF? (would really glad if someone using the same setup give a review on this)
1.4) the Game/Chat mix feature on G3 , as far as youtube review goes , they said its not very well optimized / Perfected yet on PC , anyone can give a review on this?
1.5) the Game/Chat Mix feature on G3 , does the G3 gives two output in our PC setting? or they will only shows 1?

2) Regarding G6
2.1) is it worth risking getting G6 for best audio quality but high chance of not getting Game/Chat Mix Feature on the G6? (the creative official replied and they said they just release a beta but no plans for PC version yet )
2.2) Does 7.1 VSS Dolby Atmos works thru USB connections? if no how do i connect the line in(or out) to my pc? is it ordinary 3.5mm AUX cable or what?

3)Arctis 7 (original options)
3.1) should i just go for arctis 7? because it have all of the feature i wanted , but considered downgrade
it have game/chat mix , 7.1 VSS , noise compressed mic , and fairly good looking and very comfy
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is there really no one that can answer this question?
or this one is too gaming related that most of people here dont game?

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