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Geshelli Lab's Archel 2 is the low Distortion King

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  1. turbomustang84
    I have had a Review unit of Geshelli Lab's Archel 2 Headphone Amplifier .

    This Amp looks very much like the original but that is where the similarities end .

    And although I'm not ready to post my complete review I will post the measurements from testing done at Audio Science Review.

    Geshelli Labs Archel2 Unbalanced Headphone Amplifier Review.jpg
    Geshelli Labs Archel2 Unbalanced Headphone Amplifier Back Panel Connectors Review.jpg
    Geshelli Labs Archel2 Unbalanced Headphone Amplifier Audio Measurements.png
    Best headphone amplifiers.png
    Geshelli Labs Archel2 Unbalanced Headphone SNR Amplifier Audio Measurements.png Lowest Noise Headphone Amplifier Tested.png Geshelli Labs Archel2 Unbalanced Headphone Amplifier IMD Audio Measurements.png
    Geshelli Labs Archel2 Unbalanced Headphone Amplifier THD+N vs Power at 300 Ohm Audio Measureme...png Geshelli Labs Archel2 Unbalanced Headphone Amplifier THD+N vs Power at 33 Ohm Audio Measurements.png Geshelli Labs Archel2 Unbalanced Headphone Amplifier Channel Balance Audio Measurements.png Headphone Output Impedance Measurements.png

    Since I don't have the equipment or the expertise to do this testing I asked for permission from ASR to link to their information.


    I will post what Headphones I used with this amp later .

    At the price they are asking $149.99 it is a bargain but they are offering An early order discount making it $119.99
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  2. turbomustang84
    I know the THX AAA 789 is well respected but at $400 not all of us can afford it .
    But to have an amp selling for less than a third of the price and in testing beats the 789 is phenomenal.

    I have tried pretty much every Headphone I've got along with my favorite IEMs and no problem powering any of them .

    Sennheiser HD-660s
    Sennheiser HD-6XX
    Sennheiser HD-600
    Hifiman HE-4XX
    Hifiman HE-400
    Hifiman Sundara
    Beyerdynamic DT-990
    Audio Technica ATH-M50
    Tin T2
    kz zs10 pro

    the Hifiman Sundara's are especially good with this amp and thanks to the addition of High Gain which was not on my original Archel Pro it really works well with Planars

    The Archel 2 does not have limitless power but I've yet to find anything it has a problem driving.
  3. digititus
    Nice to see a US company can still manufacture some quality products in the USA and at reasonable prices. Bravo.
  4. turbomustang84
    They are very good people also .

    It's nice to actually be able to talk to the people that designed and manufactured the product you purchased .

    Kind of the electronic equivalent of farm fresh lol
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  5. Baten
    This thing looks pretty amazing in distortion specs, wow
  6. turbomustang84
    I've been comparing it to the Massdrop THX AAA 789 and other than having less power they sound very similar and it drives all my headphones well past any level I would ever need...
    it does not seem underpowered at all .

    It definitely punches well above it's price point .

    I've been using it most with the Hifiman Sundara's and they sound great together so when the loaner Sundara's go back I'm definitely buying a pair .
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  7. Baten
    Very cool. Which gain are you on, high gain? Is low gain usable or too quiet? Any noise penalty in high gain?

  8. turbomustang84
    Depends on what I'm listening to lately I've been a bit Tool ( the band ) obsessed so High Gain rules the day of course with easy to drive Headphones and IEMs low Gain is what I use .
  9. turbomustang84
    Also this is dead silent to me as far as noise but it depends greatly on what source I'm using
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2019
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  10. turbomustang84
    I am not at liberty to make any comments about this picture but being it is on Geshelli's Facebook page I'll let you use your own imagination
  11. Baten
    left: gray microfibre
    right: purple microfibre

    I'm at a loss
  12. turbomustang84
    Let's just say keep an eye on their Facebook page as well as their company page for future product releases



    I will let everyone join their
  13. turbomustang84
    After listening to the Geshelli Enog2 for a week I've decided I have to get one and it's not that the Original Archel pro is bad it is very good but they have created a fantastic step up for not much money ....
    I can't wait to see what they come up with next .
  14. ponyhead
    Hmmm I suppose I should go with this over the JDS Atom?
  15. turbomustang84
    I know very little about the atom so I personally can not say much about it .
    But at the pre black Friday price and how great it sounds you can't go wrong with the Archel 2.
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