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German Head-Fi Meet in 2016

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  1. Wurstteppich

    anyone interested in meet near Düsseldorf / Cologne in Germany in March/April 2016?

    Depending on the number of interested people I would start checking on possible locations and dates.
  2. bigalila
    Interested... Only mid-fi stuff in my collection, but I'd bring it all with.
  3. Wurstteppich
    hopefully we can gather enough interested people together, so it will make sense looking for a location. I put it to my signature now, which I hope will make some people aware of the thread.
    Regarding your collection. Some years ago, the DT-880 would have still been called high-fi and even though I have some expensive headphones here, I would love to listen to it again. Every piece of gear would be welcome.
  4. listenothear
    pls make it happen, tho im just student here (not a germans),
    so i didnt have my full rig with me, maybe just some portable gear.
    sry to ressurect an old thread [​IMG]
  5. Wurstteppich
    thanks for your post, but there doesn't seem to be enough people interested in such a meet to look out for a location.
    I will mention it on my next CanJam Europe visit, when talking to people, to see if we can gather more interested people.
  6. superdux
    Please let me know, if you get a German meeting Together!
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