Georgia Coastal Area Meet
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Dec 11, 2011
Figured I'd post to see if there' any interest in meeting somewhere along the Georgia coast. St. Simons, Savannah, Jekyll....etc. I can make arrangements.
I have a pretty good collection of equipment myself, but always want to hear more stuff. While this would probably be a smaller get together it'd still be fun. Especially since there's not much in the way of audiophilia (that I'm aware of) along the coast.
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I am in Beaufort so a Savannah meet would be something I would be in for. I have tried to get a meet before with little success so hopefully we have more area members now. I am low on gear but have a couple portable items to bring, would love to hear some other gear. About 2 or 3 years ago I posted a get together and I did get one reply from a fellow that had parents her in Beaufort so it was just the 2 of us.....probably the smallest on record but we still had a great time just talking about gear. I will visit often and keep my fingers crossed we can get something together.
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Okay cool. Try to spread the word. So what equipment can you bring?
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Sadly I have sold off alot of gear due to unemployment. I do have a couple decent and midfi portable amps and my best cans are a set of beyer dt990pro's but also have a couple of decent portable cans and iem's. It doesen't look like this thread is getting the hits we were hoping for but if you want we can still get together and I will try to get a couple friends to come along. Let me know....Terry

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