Generic Toner For Color Laser

  1. ricksome Contributor
    Today I bought an HP Color Laser for $329.00 that came with 4 separate starter toner. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black. To buy OEM HP Toner @ full MSRP is $750.00 You read that @ $750.00
    I can buy Generic toner with "reset chip" for $120.00. That is 4 toners/ shipped.
    Anyone have any input on using generic toner in a color laser.
    Thanx / Rick
  2. florencephile

    they are hit or miss from my professional experience.  it is best to avoid upgrading the firmware on the printer, that will give you problems going forward.
  3. WraithApe
    Telling someone to avoid upgrading firmware as a general principle seems like bad advice to me. From my professional experience, I can tell you it's this kind of attitude that means we end up supporting clients stuck on ancient versions of software because basically, they're afraid of change. The idea of firmware patches is to fix problems, not create them!
  4. ricksome Contributor

    So I bought Brand X and it turned out to be junk. Toner all over the print out. I got a refund. I bought OEM off of eBay and did not pay MSRP

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