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General "warm" headphones. (Suggestion thread)

  1. 2enty3
    Even though I have no immediate plans to buy a set of portable headphones anytime soon, I am planning to get one in a couple months. I already have an IEM and 2 circumaural headphones, so I thought I might as well get a portable one for whenever I feel like it.
    So here's my Info:
    - Listen to mainly Power Metal(Emphasis on Guitars and Drums), J-Pop, Jazz, and Rock in general.
    - Price range doesn't matter at the moment, but definitely nothing over $300, unless it is a near perfect headphone for me.
    - No strong preference on Closed or Open, but leaning towards closed, but SQ>design.
    - As suggested by topic, an overall Warm sound signature, but with emphasis on mids also.
    - No real preference on treble, just not too bright.
    - Usage at the moment is unknown, but probably indoors, but might take them outside once in a while.
    - Detail bass> bass quantity
    - Using itouch 16g -> iBasso T3, soon replaced with cowon J3.
  2. 2enty3
  3. seanmo
  4. Woozle Wuzzle
    Skullcandy seems to be perfect for you, no question about it. There are also Bose which I read were fantastic.
  5. leonzill

    Best advice I've ever seen on these forums TBQH.
  6. 2enty3


    Oh yeah, Seems legit...
  7. ChipnDalebowl
    Sennheiser PX-100 might be right up your alley if you're looking for mid-range sound.  They are not overly bright either.

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