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general question is going into cable business a good idea

  1. Sound Eq
    hi there

    Someone asked me if going into cable business is a good idea and was I wondering how to answer him

    yes he knows how to solder cables and make some nice cables and he wants to take it to the next level hoping to make it big

    He has high hopes to really make it big and have a great income from cable making

    the cables he made are nice and I think they sound good and are nicely made, he has a thinking that it is the right path to establish a whole career from making cables and have a great income.

    best wishes
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2018
  2. cantsleep Contributor
    If hes okay with slow growth and take pleasure in audio business, i guess it would be fun business rather than profitable business.

    How successful, it would be upto his mindset and work ethic in conducting the business, I guess.
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  3. LouS
    It's a pretty competitive space. I know how to solder, and could make some attractive cables, but unless he could talk Lou, from Lat International into selling him his name, and get Cardas, who supplies nearly everyone in the cable industry, into selling him the wires LAT International used to use, he's going to have a tremendous up hill battle. Not to mention that he had better love kissing rumps, because he'll almost certainly have to kiss the rumps of reviewers, and audio manufactures in order to get them to use his cables at shows in the hope that reviewers will mention that, for instance, the Conrad Johnson booth was wired completely with brand X cables. That's far too much rump kissing for me! That said, if he has no issues with sucking up, and is willing to work at it for years part-time, he should seriously think about it, the contacts and/or experience gained could very well make it worth his while!
  4. bvng3540
    It the most profitable business in this hobby, just tell your friend to come up with some types of material that no one know about and come up with some bs terminology that doesn't exists and once he got all that, contact people that review product on here and send it to them, they will hype it up and everyone else will jump on the hype train, your friend will be rich and his order back up for few years, and his waiting time minimum of few months
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  5. LouS
    They generally have the greatest margins I'm sure, but pushing high dollar cables can't be inexpensive, so they also likely have high overhead as well. So it may not be as profitable as it sounds. More so due to the fact that different impedances between different gear will likely assure that cable X may sound best between say your DAC and preamp, while cable Y sounds best between your preamp and amp, assuming that the buyers are all anal enough to listen for what are often frustratingly minor differences. I have a few cables which between my DAC and Preamp sound nearly identical, but the price range is enormously different. Most folks would be quite content with any of them. Then you have lower cost cables like Blue Jeans, Signal Audio, DHLabs, etc., which have very competitive cables at reasonable prices. I personally think that most just get sold on X cables, and they do relatively little real comparison. Their old cables may need cleaning, or have one 50 gage wire out of a strand being the only thing transmitting a signal, so they try another crazy expensive cable and wow, it sounds SO much better!
  6. seanheis
    Exotic cables is kind of a dirty business. Be prepared to spend on advertising, quasi science, and paid reviews. The current players are well established, connected, and funded.
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  7. Rhamnetin
    These DIY interconnects are highly renowned but not available anywhere. He could try making and selling these?

    - EDIT: Actually, not too sure if those are the same as the VH Audio Pulsar AG.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2018
  8. seanheis
  9. artpiggo
    My pal in BKK have made his own cable brand, and it is quite successful. his brand is cross lambda. He deals with Japan Factory for plugs, pins and cable of his own. The important things is having a lot of good connection and partnership with others and those influencers who are widely accepted by people at least in your state/country.

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