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General IEM question

  1. Airsculpture
    I picked up some Oriolus Finschi IEM recently. I have previously only used stock Apple earbuds or full size Sennheiser headphones with my FiiO M11

    I’m finding that unless I hold the IEM into my ear, they lack bass and sound like I’m listening to the sound from a cup, echoey in fact.

    As these are the first IEM I have owned I was wondering if I was doing something wrong ? I have tried the selection of rubber attachments and none seem to make much difference.

    Any tips (excuse the pun) would be appreciated
  2. buonassi
    Sounds like you're not getting a good seal. You may want to try foam eartips to see if that clears up the issue. Otherwise you may have a defective finchi
  3. ClieOS Contributor
    Have you pushed the eartips into your ear canal?
  4. Airsculpture
    Yeah as indicated.
  5. PointyFox
    You need to insert them so the pressure is the same on both sides of the seal and create a seal in the first place.
  6. baskingshark
    Yeah bass frequencies are usually the first to be lost with a poor eartip seal. If u tried different tips already, the other possibility for a echoey sound could be an out of phase IEM.
    U can use this link to check if your IEM is in phase:

    If your set is out of phase, it is quite obvious, the sound will be slightly behind the ears and sound weirder than in phase. To correct it, just reverse the 2 pin connector on one side of your IEM and it will be back in phase.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2019
  7. Airsculpture
    Seems to be in phase, in phase sounds right and out of phase sounds wrong in the corresponding sections.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2019
  8. Airsculpture
    Adjustment and use of foam ends seems to have improved the bass considerably

    still not as enjoyable as my full size headphones but for walking the dog when I don’t want full headphones on, much better than they were.
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  9. expatriot
    Hi everyone, I couldn't find exactly where to post this question, so mods please move this post if necessary. How many people love a particular iem so much, that they bought another one for back up just in case?
  10. FastAndClean
    lots of people if the IEM is cheap, Blon BL03 for example, lots of people buy 2 or more pairs of them because they are very good and cheap at the same time
  11. expatriot
    FastAndClean: Thanks for the fast reply. I should have been more specific about price. My average price of my iems is about $250. I have a particular one that I paid $249. Comfort is fabulous for me, cable is good, sound signature is spot on for me, in general it's my most go to iem. I am a little paranoid that if i ever break or lose it, I'll find out it has been discontinued, By the way the iem in question is the NS Audio NS2 Pro.
  12. FastAndClean
    i did that with 300$ IEM, Audiosense T800, my advice is to not buy a second unit, after a while you will want to try something new and will regret that you bough two earphones that are the same
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2019
  13. expatriot
    You make a good point. I just bought and already received a new one (Peacock Audio P1) and ordered a NF Audio NA1 yesterday. I'll hold off of a duplicate and just hope I never "HAVE" to buy a replacement. Thanks for your advice.
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