Gemini HP15 Headphones?
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Sep 9, 2007
I was wondering if anyone could help me identify these headphones on any quality scale, I can't find them anywhere and I don't think the brand they were made by was even a large company, so I imagine they are poor quality, but I have no way of being sure. The brand gemini is a company form the 80's that dealt in the technology of the time and I think my dad worked for them. I know we have a ton of old Gemini VHS recordable tapes and I found these headphones stores away, rpobably forgotten. They don't seem like much as they use the 1/8" jack, though it is gold plated at least, and the cans on thew headphones are small. I don't know how much if any use they got as the black padding on them is kinda falling off, probably just due to over a decade aging in a cabinet though. Here are some pics, if anyone can find out anything about them I would appreciate it. Also is there any way I could look into getting new pads for the headphones?


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