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Geek Pulse: Geek desktop DAC/AMP by Light Harmonics

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  1. jsiegel14072
  2. m-i-c-k-e-y
  3. ValeryPaul
    Do you or anyone know how to fix the signature issue? I was able to download and install the driver but I was unable to get it started due to error "52"
    I got the "digital signature error"....
  4. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Don't know it will work, never tried it.

    1. On Command prompt type and hit enter:
    bcdedit /set testsigning on
    2. Restart and install driver.
    3. After Installing driver, open Command Prompt and type thhis command and hit enter:
    bcdedit /set testsigning off

    If you see a message saying the value is “protected by Secure Boot policy”, that means Secure Boot is enabled in your computer’s UEFI firmware. You’ll need to disable Secure Boot in your computer’s UEFI firmware (also known as its BIOS) to enable test signing mode.
  5. Roll
    Any news on our unit being made at all?????
  6. stuck limo
    Nothing that I've heard.
  7. Roll
    Thanks again for a reply..

    Try a friend's version a few months ago with a planar headphone. I actually like her.
    I even PM the person above,ValeryPaul for his unit that he posted to sell - but no answer

    It is almost 6 years when I drop a deposit on October 29, 2013 for the Pulse on Indiegogo, just after receiving the Geek Out

    Can u at least ask the 'boss', what his plan on the remaining owing Pulse.
    stuck limo likes this.
  8. ValeryPaul
    Looks very complicated to me! LOL! Anyway, my unit is still on sale. It turns on fine and the knob is working perfectly. Though it has the old chassis. For dirt cheap and I include the LPS4. Both cost me around $1800 if I remember correctly. Damn you Indiegogo!
  9. Ethereal Sound
    Just curious, aside from the horrible wait times and god awful support, does this DAC still hold up to other new DAC's today? I might be able to snag one at a great price and am wondering if they are still good compared to the competition.
  10. m17xr2b
    Who the heck knows, very few received them. I've got one on order for 5 years and still don't know how it sounds, even from reviews. It's too bad, I'd have liked to know what it sounded like at least.
  11. Mike-WI
    You can get a great price on something without support?
    There are many DACs available with intact companies.
    Check out Schiit Audio for instance - Bifrost 2

    Many of us are following thread because we already have sunk money.
  12. Ethereal Sound
    Yeah I get that and honestly wouldn't mind no support considering the installation seems pretty easy and it doesn't seem like many people have had units that broke down or anything. But yeah, I'm still curious as to how it sounds compared to other DACs.
  13. eliwankenobi
    I wonder how Light Harmonic is doing today. They still selling DaVinci DACs?
  14. stuck limo
    Yes, they're still being made/developed. I don't know their sales numbers though.
  15. ValeryPaul
    I pity the people who would buy any of their products! Let only I be the one sucker for all!
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