Geek Pulse: Geek desktop DAC/AMP by Light Harmonics

  1. mattering
    Happened to mine too. When I left mine alone for 2 to 3 months, it worked again for a couple hours but then it happened again. The pulse gets stuck in a frozen state as I cant change any settings for the time it was outputting sound. So you are pretty much **** out of luck when it comes to USB. Are you using windows or mac? For my case I'm using windows 10. Dont know if this applies to any other OS.
  2. stuck limo
    Sorry to hear that! Submit a ticket and I'll get Matt to set you up an RMA if you'd like.
  3. mattering
    My ticket has been left hanging since september =\
  4. miceblue
    Will do!

    Where are support tickets being actively monitored? Is it still at:
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  5. stuck limo
    Yes, just label the ticket indicating Pulse USB Failure / Head-Fi Customer or something on the subject line so I can quickly identify that.
  6. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Only issue I had with my Infinity was with the volume knob. There was a time it won't work. A support ticket and new BIOS reflash did the trick. YET now I have some connection issues and have to turn on/off my Infinity.

    Saving right now to have a Chord Dave
  7. miceblue
    Got it. Thanks! Hopefully this can get repaired fairly quickly. I didn't realize until now how essential it is for my day-to-day activities.
  8. tmaxx123
    My pulse always takes one shut off and restart to get it to sync with my iPod Touch. How were you guys getting it to sync on the first try?

    Also I hear it’s best to leave the pulse on but after awhile it freezes like people are saying ,and I have to restart it for it to recognize the usb input.

    My setup is an iPod Touch -> lightning usb camera adapter-> powered usb hub->
    Lightspeed 2.0->
    Pulse x inf

    Didn’t really think much of it until you guys mentioned it haha
  9. stuck limo
    Updated that ticket for you.
  10. tmaxx123
    I was able to remedy my little issue with the usb connection timing out. I have the lightspeed 2.0 signal leg going straight into my iPods camera adapter USB port and the power leg going to a powered usb hub.

    Connects everytime now without issue. I’ve been able to leave on the pulse for the last couple days and hasn’t frozen yet. Sounds even better now somehow! Keeping the pulse on/warm does actually make a difference
  11. Shawnb
    To anyone with a Source SE or even a Source

    I'm getting sick of the endless silence from Larry. Time to flood his inbox and demand some answers.

    Enough of the hiding and let us know what the hell went wrong this time and why we aren't getting our SE's

    I'd like everyone to flood his inbox demanding answers. Enough of this silence.

    Maybe if enough of us make noise he'll actually give us some answers

    I'm not doing another year of this.
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  12. Drsparis
    Can I write about my pulse? Lol been even longer
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  13. Shawnb
    Yeah that's just a disgrace and I have no words.
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  14. Drsparis
    At least we have updates... every 6 months ... and it's always the same thing, the PCB's are out of spec/ not up to par, next batch coming up soon!!! (seriously this excuse has been going on for like over 2 years....)
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  15. marflao
    .... I'm almost at the stage to agree to @bernardperu 's proposal to set up a webpage which "addresses our concerns and explains why we feel cheated out of our money".
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