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Geek Pulse: Geek desktop DAC/AMP by Light Harmonics

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  1. bitsnbytes

    Thanks for your impressions Kothganesh

    I'd like to see how it does with the HE6, but I'm sensing that there may be a reason LH didn't offer that Hifiman HP as a bundle...but would gladly be wrong on that assumption.

    To be fair the HD800 will sound great on OTL amps against planars in general, just as your XCs probably are better with the Pulse than with the ZD or Crack.

    Besides the HE6 pairing, can you provide us a glimpse of the Pulse as a DAC with the ZD/Crack with the Senns?
  2. Ethereal Sound
    T.T I still remember when I honestly thought they were going to ship it out on the second week of February. Does anyone know what is causing the delays? Iirc, there were actually quite a few people who ordered the Sfi so I don't know why the shipping status is so behind the xfi...
  3. SilverTrumpet999
    Perhaps partially because the Xfi is actually simpler than the Sfi? The Sfi is the Xfi plus summing to single-ended outputs. Inverting one and summing isn't as easy as it sounds. Nailing down the Xfi top to bottom lets them focus exclusively on that for the Sfi. If I were producing the products, I'd do all the Xfi models first.
  4. jbr1971
    I do not have any Hifiman headphones yet, but I have read the HE-560's sound really good with the Pulse. They will probably be my next purchase.
    Given how much power the HE-6's require, I have concerns about how well the Pulse will drive them. I believe the HPA (headphone amplifier), which will have much more power, will drive them much better. I am interested in reading your impressions for the HE-6/Pulse combo.
    Also, the stack is looking much better without that tape  :)
  5. AxelCloris Administrator
    Didn't you get a chance to listen to Casey's HE-560 on the Xfi at RMAF? I know it wasn't ideal listening conditions but I thought the Xfi did a fine job.
    longbowbbs likes this.
  6. snip3r77

    Dead silent with sensitive IEMs?
  7. jbr1971
    For any testing with IEM's make sure to change the gain to Low.
  8. topgunsphd
    Anyone know the price for the femto upgrade for the vanilla pulse? Is it worth it?
  9. snip3r77

    No noise?
  10. jbr1971
    With sensitive IEMs there should be no noise (low gain will keep the noise floor nice and low). I have not had a chance to test a Xfi with my K10U's yet, but based on what I have read I am looking forward to it.
    Hopefully someone with sensitive IEMs and a Xfi can provide some input.
  11. alvin1118
    Any of you guys get the Geek Pulse X ? I'm patiently waiting mine ....
  12. jbr1971
    The Pulse X is not shipping yet. Once the Xfi models have shipped, production/shipping of the X will start.
    If you want to check on the progress periodically, the following chart is available for reference:
  13. coletrain104
    Just for clarification, just what is the date of the 2nd quarter?
  14. DSlayerZX
    Jody..... between that chart and the current crowfunding perks shipping status, which one is to be trusted.
    Because that chart clearly indicates there is not a snowball chance in hell for X infinite to be released this week.
    while the shipping status shows it's starting to ship this week.
  15. AxelCloris Administrator
    April through June by most calendars.
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