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Geek Pulse: Geek desktop DAC/AMP by Light Harmonics

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  1. Sweden
    If the 3D soundstage processing is done right it sounds interesting indeed.
    Maybe it's similar as iFi iCAN.
    Some headphones/music really benefit from this type of thing and for others it can mess up fidelity.
  2. blueangel2323
    iCAN's soundstage enhancement is analogue, while this will be DSP. I'm hoping it will be like a mini Smyth Realiser, obviously without the ability to create your own profiles and the head tracking gimmick.
  3. Beachhead1
    It looks good.  I'm probably not going to get it since I ordered a super geek on the kickstarter.
  4. uzi
    Wow, not even 9 hours past going live and they're already over $56k and well past the $38k goal.  And this thing is open 'til December 20th, so plenty of time to go well beyond that.
    Here's hoping some Geek Out samples go out before then (since Gekk Out is due in January) and get rave reviews.
    I decided to go in on this one as well.  I got in on the Geek Out at $119... worth case, I can probably sell for more than I paid in the end.
  5. FraGGleR
    It takes DC from a switching power supply.  Some specs might not be set yet, as they are taking suggestions from backers for additional or different features.
  6. swifttal
    3W @ 8 ohms? 3W @ 50 ohms? What are the power specs? Definitely interested, thanks!
  7. vincent215
    Any body here notice the 3 buttons in the front?
    I hope their is a switch for low-high gain.
  8. vincent215
    I also ordered the Super Geek.
    But I still order the Geek Pulse. At 200usd, it's hard to beat, it has more power than the Schiit Magni and Asgard 2. Half power of the Lyr, there times more powe than the Geek Out. That will make me happy for a while until the next upgrade, and I still can use it as a dac.
    Besides, the size is smaller than the Magni & Modi combo.
  9. jaywillin

    power, volume up down i believe
  10. FraGGleR
    Keep tabs on the Indiegogo page.  That is where all specs are as they come out or change.  For the GEEK they reported power into 16ohms.  Possible they are doing that again.
  11. FraGGleR
    Power is on the back.  Probably the "awesomifier" button.
  12. vincent215
    I hope he make some change in desgin to have low/high gain switch 
  13. FragmentedGod
    There isn't that much info yet but this is what it currently says:
    Analog OutputsLine Out: Single-ended, gold plated RCA
    Output Impedance: 47 Ohm
    Output Voltage: 4Vrms fixed

    Headphone: 1/4" stereo jack
    Output Impedance: 0.47 Ohm
    Output Voltage: 7Vrms max variable

    So if the output is 3W for headphones then that implies that it's at 0.47 Ohm.  Obviously wait for firm confirmation from them, as they are responding to feedback in the comments already to inform the design so it clearly hasn't been finalised yet.  I expect that aspect of it is closer to being set in stone than other parts due to their experience with the Geek Out, but it's early days yet.
  14. vincent215
    Does this consider cheating :)?
  15. FraGGleR
    Power isn't spec'd on the output impedance.  It is listed into a specific load like 4 or 8 ohm for speaker amps, and anything above that for headphones.  
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