Geek Out 1000 vs. Shiit "Magni 2 & Modi 2" Combo
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Apr 26, 2015
Hi guys,
Although this is my first post I've been a lurker for quite some time.
Anyway, my main/daily is a set of DT990's, 250ohm. I use them mostly for gaming/music/movies, in that order. 
Being from South Africa my choices for DAC's/AMPS are super limited. And the ones we do get locally are priced far above US pricing after import taxes etc. are added to the price, not to mention the importers markup. For Example; the Dragon Fly 1.2 is priced around $340 here.
I mate of mine imported 2 Geek Out 1000's but ended up using only one. I can acquire the other at the normal $300 pretty much cutting out shipping and import costs/taxes.
My second choice is importing a Shiit Magni 2 & Modi 2 non uber combo. This will pretty much also come to $300 US after shipping and taxes.
I've gone through many reviews but just can't make up my mind. My budget is limited to $300.
Can anyone give some insight what the pro's and con's would vs the above setups and whether I should be looking at something else?
Thanks in advance
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May 2, 2013
I'd go with the GO1000, the DAC in that is pretty great, and it still has lots of power.
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Dec 16, 2011
grand rapids, mi
The GeekOut has the Sabre ES9018 DAC chip, but it's the mobile version (there are several different versions). Not saying it's not good. I would imagine it is. Just pointing out that not all ES9018 DAC chips are the same. I think if you want to know if the GeekOut is better than the Modi 2, you'll have to find people that have compared both.

However, based on the specs, the Magni 2 is definitely the more powerful headphone amp. If I were trying to decide, I guess I would base it on whether I wanted a portable dac/amp for use with a laptop that I could take with me or a setup to leave at home with a computer. If the latter, go with the M&M setup in case you ever get new headphones that are more difficult to drive.

Also, another item that could be in your budget range is the Audio-GD NFB-15. It has similar features to the Uber versions of the Modi and Magni, such as various digital inputs and pre-amp outs for speakers.

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