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GEC A2900, best ECC81 ECC801s E81CC 12AT7 tubes

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  1. Tom-s
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    I’m selling my small collection of GEC A2900 (a GEC special quality valve). The absolute king ECC81 / 12AT7 / E81CC / 6201 / ECC801s type tubes. The most sought after version of ECC81 tube and virtually unobtanium. Please mind some minor differences from a normal ECC81 type. They do function in every circuit meant to use ECC81 but are rated for higher standards compared to your typical ECC81 and have more gain, transconductance and draw 0.1 amp more heater current (check with your amp specs). They are a special long life >10.000 hour tube according to the original GEC datasheet (see below). These industrial specs make them drive the following stages of the amp with more authority and might explain why they are so popular for high-end audio equipement. Search this forum for rave reviews.

    These were removed from bulk packaging and are 100% NIB (production from week 18 (May) 1974, Hammersmith (Z), London, UK). They have the double mica and disc getters (see pictures). This lot is from a former UK reseller, hence the green GEC labels on every tube (in new condition). They were tested as "good" on my Eico 666 for dynamic conductance, leaks and shorts. Do note that the only real test for any tube is in the circuit it needs to function in, meaning your amp.

    If you buy 2, i’ll match a pair, if you buy four i’ll match a quad.

    As these tubes are very rare i set a limit of 4 tubes per buyer.

    Here you find tube data on A2900: http://tdsl.duncanamps.com/pdf/a2900.pdf

    Here you find tube data on ECC81: http://www.r-type.org/pdfs/ecc81.pdf

    Price is a fixed 150€ per tube. I’ll take the PayPal fee, you pay the shipping.

    Payment via Paypal only (in Euro’s).

    Each tube comes in a new white tube box . To reduce shipping costs and for ecological reasons these small tubes are shipped in cardboard letterbox size boxes.

    All parcels are shipped with tracking number and signature upon receipt.

    Shipping and handling costs are 25€ worldwide.

    I do not ship to countries where parcel tracking is unavailable (i’ll let you know before payment).

    I ship on weekends only.

    Not interested in trades.

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