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Gear sell off! Audio GD NFB 12.0, MDR SA3000, MA900, T50RP, EX800ST [Canada/USA]

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by asdafaasda, Oct 6, 2013.
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  1. asdafaasda
    For Sale
    Interest check for some gear :) Will be shipped from Toronto, Canada.

    Please assume they are in mint condition unless otherwise stated.
    Prices are firm for now.

    Audio GD NFB 12.0 - Original version without adjustable filters. Functions perfectly. Held
    MDR SA3000 - Great condition plastic. Metal sliders and plug has a few marks. These share the same drivers as the SA5000 but has slightly different damping and has cloth pads. $1.50

    MDR MA900 - Mint condition. Not much else I can say! Resistor mod not done. $5 SOLD

    Modded T50RP- Mrspeakers Dog Pads, diyed suspension headband, stock cable. Self modded, they sound good to my ears but I have another pair of T50RPs so one can go. Front felt removed, stock white dampening paper removed, baffles filled. All other mods are removable. If you want more detailed info on the sound and mods done then let me know. Sound is a bit dark but very smooth and clear. $4 or 3 bags of milk

    MDR EX800ST (7550) - These are the Japanese version of the 7550s. They are still in the mail to me... literally one day after purchasing them used I got a notification from Unique Melody that my CIEM reshells would be scheduled to be completed in two weeks. Maybe I will enjoy them and keep it as a pair for when I need less isolation. 99 cents SOLD

    Will post pictures if there is interest.

    PM all questions!
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