["Gear-Fi"] Wristwatch modding and repair?
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Feb 26, 2004
I have a digital watch that was only like $24.99 to begin with, but I am still using it about 5 years later -- it has huge digits and a large display screen size overall, so it's able to be viewed in the dark, without glasses, etc. etc. It also have 4 alarms which is very important for me since i'm ADD so I have trouble remembering when to takes breaks @ work and take my meds
lol. Lastly, it just looks sexy!! It's all stainless steel construction and looks actually quite expensive and just has a nice clean style to it.

Aaaanyway, some of the LED segments have completely died out. For some reason this data corruption (or whatever you'd call it) happened during and after the first battery died

I have paid at watch repair establishments for parts&labor to replace the battery and fix the wrist latch after it broke (both of those combined, spending more than the original purchase price! heh.) but i've never found a watch like this one, so I don't want to start looking for another one. Coleman doesn't even produce it anymore -- trust me, i've looked. The worst part is that i'm kind of the opposite of a packrat or hoarder, so I threw away all the initial documentation with how to buy replacement parts and whatnot -- "Oh I won't need this, it'll just be more cluttering paperwork!". Great. I am hoping and reasonably confident that an OEM manufacturer somewhere makes parts for it.......

So here's the deal:
1) Is there a way, using the serial number information on the underside of my watch, to find if there is an OEM out there that still makes parts for this watch?
2) If #1 is not possible, is there a way I can fix the display myself? I have had the battery replaced recently and the battery connection plate area cleaned so it's not a conductivity issue. It's also 30m Water Resistant so I highly doubt water got inside the watch itself.
3) Lastly, I cleaned it off with rubbing alcohol a few times, is there any chance that that is what caused this breakage?

Thanks in advance!
Happy gear-loving,
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Originally Posted by ka-boom /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Umm, you're cross-posting a link to your own post?

Have you searched for a new one? What sites?

Just on Coleman's and Googled for the model number / Serial #.

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