Gaming w/ Koss UR55 Modded???
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New Head-Fier
Jun 20, 2015

I was looking for a headphone with very good soundstage and instrument separation (for gaming). Also with very forward mids ,treble and a good sub-bass like the KSC75 but with improved detail. I came up with the Koss UR55, than when I saw you can mod them and heard that it improves everything on them. Anyone have experience with gaming on Koss UR55 modded or unmodded? Also should I keep these or go with the Panasonic RP HTF600???
About the mod-
“1) Soundstage is improved
2) Bass is less bloated and better controlled
3) Detail has increased by a lot
4) Mids are now much more forward and less drowned out during bass heavy songs” – tdockweiler @

These are the last two cans I have come down too, thanks for all your help!


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