Gaming setup : MMX 300 + E7 + X-Fi possible?
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Nov 1, 2010
I'm gonna try to get myself a good gaming setup.
Clip-on mic is not an option, as I find them lacking in quality, convenience and sound levels. So I'm looking for a headset with a "boom" mic, and I'm currently leaning towards the Beyerdynamic MMX 300.
I use a Fiio E7 as dac/amp.
However, the mic input on my mainboard recently broke, so I'm now in need of a new sound card aswell, preferably external.
When i'm getting a new sound card anyway, I'm thinking maybe it would be nice to get a sound card that can emulate surround in stereo headphones, i.e. maybe the Creative X-Fi
However, from what I read the MMX300 are borderlining on needing an amp to get good bass, and I guess there's no way of using the E7 as an amp-only for the X-Fi, so how do I go about this? I also have a Fiio E5 amp, would this suffice as a post-amp for the X-Fi?
Any affordable 5.1 DAC/Amp with mic input out there?
Or should I search for a complete USB headset with "integrated" dac/amp instead?
I'm a little lost on what to go for here :)
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Nov 27, 2010
13 is creative's newest USB interface, and it has a headphone amp so that's probably your best bet. 
I'm telling you, get a separate mic and a better set of headphones. I'm sure those Beyers are actually pretty good, but $350 could go a long ways. The headsets I've owned in the past have always had the mic crap out long before the headphones themselves. 
Take a look at
There's also a labtec microphone I bought on ebay for $7 that had surprisingly good quality (forget the model #). I always wore these around my neck, but you could easy break the plastic headband off and attach the mic to headphones with a little tape or a velcro mod.
I recently splurged on a desktop studio mic setup to improve quality. I spend around $80-90 for a Behring XM8500 dynamic mic, M-Audio Audio Buddy preamp, and cables. It's working great and I would recommend it if you were willing to spend the money. If I was you, I'd get a set of audio cans like the DT 880 250 and then however much you want to spend on a mic. 
Buying a USB headset would be the dumbest thing you could do, as those have the worst sound quality by far.
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Apr 8, 2010
Given the fact that you're planning on gaming, I would advise against the X-Fi HD USB. The X-Fi Surround 5.1 (non Pro version) is a good idea, as it has all the gaming support an external DAC can supply as of the present time, and can be modded if you want to. You could use E7 as amp alone to power the headphones a bit better, would certainly be better than using E5.
About headsets, so far most people seem to enjoy getting a pair of ATH-AD700 and finding a way to attach an external mic to it.

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