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'Gaming' Headset Recommendation for a disgruntled Logitech User

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by BruceBanner, Mar 12, 2018.
  1. BruceBanner
    My wireless G933 cans are dead, this is the second Logitech premium headset to die on me within a 2yr period. They never suffer a drop... I dunno I just think the QC of Logitech is questionable.

    Funnily enough I actually don't game anymore, but I am missing wireless headsets for making Skype calls to family overseas (leaving my hands free to make my kids lunches in the morning, or pottering around the house) and also for watching movies without pissing off my wife (we live in a small confined home).

    When I did game (fairly serious) I never utilised any of that 5.1/7.1 stuff, I found the sound placement to being harder to pin point. Playing titles like CSGO, PUBG etc, u need to hear the enemy footsteps/gunshots from the right place, you want atmospheric noise to a minimum (which 5.1/7.1 doesn't do, that stuff is amplified). It might sound cool, but you get owned.
    FWIW, as well as toggling off any surround sound stuff, you also want to play about with the games menu sound system, for example, I and a number of friends found headphone sound better (and easier to pin point) when selecting something like 'Speakers' rather than 'Headphones' in some game settings. Believe me we played pretty competitively at times (winning a couple of Australasia comps), so we tested a multitude of sound settings to get the best advantage possible.
    But anyway I digress... lol I don't even game that much.

    The point of this thread is to ask if there exists a headset that is wireless (so I'm guessing usb, unless BT has gotten better?) that would suit the purposes of movie watching and skype calls. I could either get a cheap headset for calls, and a pair of cans for movie watching, but I really wanna go wireless for movie watching too, so yeh.

    The G933's were ok whilst they lasted, pretty comfy and didn't leak sound (important), but yeh... I don't wanna fork out $200-300 for a headset with a bunch of settings and stuff I will never even use.

    Do good wireless headsets exist in the region of $50-$120 that are stereo only, perhaps not even USB? Full cans (not sit on the ear type, they have to be semi comfortable for a movie in one go).

    Anyone got any suggestions?


  2. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    Wouldn't the Skullcandy Plyr 2 work? It's stereo (no surround), wireless, and I found them quite decent. Well, I reviewed thre PLyr 1, but the Plyr 2 should be identical sans the surround sound feature.

    Wow, they're going for like $60-$70, which even I'm interested in for the sheer fact it's wireless. I could just send my X7's surround feed to the base station too.
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
  3. BruceBanner
    Thanks for the reply.

    We don't seem to stock them anywhere here in Australia (surprise surprise), but I have to say I am wary of Skullcandy, I have heard a few of their lineup and tinny with no bass is being kind to the sound quality they put out. On Amazon they have mixed reviews, but the biggest complaints seem to be around build quality and connectivity, two issues I have due to not easily being able to return them and also connectivity is important for the skype call stuff (my wife or I need to be able to move around the home without drop outs etc, with the Logitechs I could venture quite a fair bit away.
    I don't mind the logitechs in terms of sound or comfort, they just break within a 2yr period, their G930's and G933's! I kinda don't want to give them any more monies!
  4. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    The Skullcandy headsets in question were essentially made by Astrogaming's engineers (Skullcandy owns Astrogaming). You may know them for the A40s, A50s, etc. Don't underestimate the PLyr 1,2 just because they are Skullcandy.
  5. BruceBanner
    I won't. If I could get them locally I might give 'em a try, just the reviews off Amazon are mixed to say the least. Also... I'm not sure if I read correctly but you might actually still be tethered to your pc for the Mic part or something, or if you go fully wireless the sound quality is worse than keeping a 3.5mm connected to the jack on PC? As with most things in life there's always more than meets the eye with tech...
  6. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    I take Amazon reviews with a grain of salt, as half the time it's people who don't know how to set things up, like turning on surround for a stereo feed, etc. General consumers are absolute idiots.
  7. c0nfuciu5
    I understand you are from aus so I'm completely oblivious to what kind of availability you have, but the corsair headsets are pretty good. Corsair Void Pro. Its got all the flashy features (that can all be disabled), and its $90 (US). I had the Logitech G930 and the right side cut out on me a week after the warranty was up. Opened it up, replaced the wire in the right ear cup (there was a pinch point where the cups rotated that the wire ran right across) and I got about another 3 months out of it and the electronics went bad, and thats beyond my ability. I really don't like wireless just because to get quality generally you are paying upwards of $150+.... but....yeah.... i wish you luck on your endeavors. Let me know what you decide.
  8. BruceBanner
    Yeh they're around $179 currently... honestly I'm just keeping my eye out for a bargain on any brand, as long as it's a significant saving (even Logitech again) I'll prolly jump on them. The Skullcandy Plyr 2 are prolly the cheapest option, just slightly difficult to get from out here and also still wary on the reviews (build quality etc, it's really the reason I'm avoiding Logitech, would like a headset to last 3-5yrs for once!).

    It just seems as tho as soon as you go 'wireless' you pay for all the gimmicks like 5.1/7.1 sound etc, would honestly be happy with just wireless with stereo.

    I take it thinking outside the box and trying to source these things separately will cost way much more? Like get a wireless set of cans and a separate wireless mic?
  9. c0nfuciu5

    That looks like some kind of solution, i don't know about pricing or availability in AUS. and I dont think that helps with the microphone problem .

    Honestly I think you are on the right track with the skull candy's if you can find one....i assume you guys have an ebay and amazon? i would just search them once or twice a day and see if you find something in your price range.
  10. RedVelvetLuna
    I believe the best competitive headphones are the Audio Technica ATH AD700X's. To me they are easily the best "sound whoring" headphones. I believe this is due to their lack of bass, making footsteps EXTREMELY easy to hear, and a decent soundstage for the price. The problem with this is that it doesn't come with a mic, but buying a older modmic version should be fine.
  11. BruceBanner
    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Currently still on the fence, waiting for an insanely good deal on any brand or perhaps even going down a different route altogether (desktop mic, regular headphone etc).

    I own a pair of Samson SR950's and they too can 'lack bass' and therefore make things like foot steps easier to detect, so I get what you're saying. The G933's I used to own, when you activate the 5.1 it just gets overly bassy with overly attention to 'atmospheric noises' making it hard to hear any footsteps at all! And activating 5.1 when watching movies is the same, the speech harder to hear.

    I would just like a wireless good stereo sound quality, good build quality headset without the 5.1 stuff. Unfortunately what could be an option for me here carries quite a bit of risk due to transportation overseas. When I bought the G933's they were on special on Amazon.co.uk, I paid $120AUD (including shipping to Australia), the exact same headset was $299AUD in the retail shops and $250 online, was quite a deal, but on arrival one of the ear cups was rattling, definitely something plastically broken and rattling around. It never affected sound quality however, but yeah... sending things back or complaining overseas is difficult. I just don't trust postmen, I've seen the way stuff just gets tossed around with no regard. If a product is known to have build quality issues you want to buy locally so you can complain easily.
  12. superfluke
    I have a couple of friends with the Massdrop Sennheiser PC-37X headset and they're all really happy. One of em rages fairly often and tosses his headset around and hasn't broken yet (around a year). They're also really comfy. If you don't need closed back I would go with them for sure
  13. BruceBanner
    Those cost $300AUD over here O.o

    I went with the Logitech G533, mainly because I could get them on special, around $140AUD. I wasn't happy about it, but over this way they just seem to dominate the market and there isn't much choice unless you buy from overseas and then risk damage from long haul flights (did I mention the last Logitechs I bought came from Amazon.co.uk and arrived in Aus with a nice rattle in the left ear cup?

    I don't mind buying certain stuff abroad, but when it's just cheap enough that complaining and paying for posting back etc doesn't seem worth it really, of course that changes when buying more expensive gear when shipping back and getting a new one sent out is worth it.
  14. superfluke
    It's that much straight from Massdrop? Their international shipping is supposed to be fairly cheap. It says $15 for shipping, which would be like 200 with currency conversion? or is there VAT or something
    BruceBanner likes this.
  15. BruceBanner
    Typically waiting times etc. $140AUD was as much as I really wanted to spend. The earlier threads suggest cheaper headsets but all international shipping etc I just kinda wished Logitech did a no fuss stereo (non surround bs) wireless version etc. I think the G533 for $140 are pretty much the best deal this side of the globe (they're normally $170-200AUD).

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