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Gaming Headphones Recommendation for an Audiophile

  1. TheHeavy
    I have been out of the audiophile community for many years, nearly a decade. So I am somewhat out of the loop when it comes to updated technology; now I have been researching headphones for gaming, primary use will be FPS games (Fortnite) competitively. I own some A50's and they are terrible, especially the mic. Now I could easily go purchase some Steel Series or something of lower quality but I wanted something that I could also use for music as well; for reference, I have owned HD800's, Denons, Grados, I still own JH-16 pros, so essentially I want something somewhat more high end. The source for these new headphones will be from my PC, I am open to purchasing an external DAC however the motherboard I have has a fairly good internal DAC, I still own an older Triad Audio headphone amp which could easily drive whatever I get and am open to purchasing another amp as well if the headphones require it. I have owned a Cary Audio 300-SEI amp which I paired with my HD800's which I was fond of, I would prefer to keep the budget more entry level with the amp or DAC as I delve back into this hobby can become quite expensive. I am open to buying another tube amp but would prefer not to at this time unless someone can convince me otherwise.

    So, here are the headphones I have narrowed it down to thus far and am hoping for some input from someone who has listened to any or all of these: HD700, HD600, HD660, Audeze Mobius, Audeze LCD-GX, Beyerdynamic T1. I am also open to suggestions, Audeze was intriguing since they came out with the first "audiophile" set of headphones but I value, comfort, the ability to hear footsteps coming in game and nice sound quality with quality bass for when I listen to music. Now I realize this may be asking much of a headphone and I may just need to get two sets but I am hoping that I can find one set that will do both, I saw that TFue used the HD700's until he probably got a sponsorship and my experience with the HD800's was amazing comfort and soundstage, thanks in advance for any suggestions with the headphones and any amp/DAC suggestions to pair with them.

    SIDE NOTE: What is this drop.com, I can order some HD600 collaboration for cheap as well as some other amp or DACs
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2019
  2. serman005
    For me, personally, and although I am a fan and owner of all of them, I do not really see the HD6-series (any of them) as ideal gaming headphones in their price ranges, primarily because of their more intimate stages. A bit confused as to whether you still own the HD800. If so, can you explain how you find it to be for gaming--that might help us sort through this with you. Absolutely love that Cary, by the way.
  3. NA Blur
    I do a ton of FPS gaming myself. What I ended up with is:

    Professional Gaming Headset IMBA V8
    $35.00 on Amazon

    3.5mm Headphone Adapter, MillSO CTIA Audio Splitter (2 TRS Female to 1 TRRS Male)
    $8.00 on Amazon

    Adapter for mic and game volume control - For xbox one users

    Turtle-Beach Ear Force
    $20 - $40 on Amazon depending upon which model you grab

    I love my set. Great sound for FPS gaming ( I play Black Ops IIII ). Comfortable for hours, long cable, in-line volume, large ear cups, and cheap so if you break them you won't regret it. The mic is also flexible and not rigid so you can optimize it by bending it around. I did have some grounding issues plugging it into a cheap adapter cable which is why I listed my fix for that here. They are durable as well. Much more so than any Turtle Beach I've used.
  4. TheHeavy
    I no longer own the HD800 or Cary amp unfortunately, long story but essentially sold all of my old gear many years ago and do not have much left over so I am building from scratch again. I bought a pair of HD660's for one of my employees who plays FPS competitively and he loves them, the only reason I assumed the HD-iterations would be ideal for gaming is the open back design with immense soundstage. I am not looking to buy anything cheap by any means, I want something that I can use for both gaming and for music if possible.

    I am willing to spend some money on the correct setup, I am just at a point where I need to pull the trigger and hoped someone could say boss up and get the HD700's or even the HD800's, or buy the T1's, they sound amazing for a desktop rig for instance.
  5. TheHeavy
    To be honest I am a little boujee when it comes to buying electronic equipment so I kind of want to go high end with the setup if possible. Thanks for your input!
  6. PurpleAngel Contributor
    What is the make and model of your motherboard?
    What is your over all budget (DAC/amp/headphones)?
  7. dmdm
    I use the 800, 800S and the 650s for gaming, depending on my mood.
  8. buke9
    I’ve heard all but the GX but not gaming other than the Mobius and 700’s which I own ( don’t own the Mobius just had them on loan from Audeze for a meet but did do some gaming with them I own he 700’s). I don’t do a lot of gaming much anymore but did try the Mobius and they are quite good for gaming and movies as the 3D effects are awesome . The 700’s are good for gaming as the soundstage is very good but do find them a bit lean sounding without a amp. While the 800’s are also good and I have those as well when I do a bit of gaming ( I don’t do online stuff I prefer Games like Doom Quake and the newer Wolfensteins) my go to headphone is the AKG K872 yes a bit pricey for a gaming headphone but it gives you isolation which helps with the immersion and they have great detail and soundstage for a closed back plus they are very comfortable and super easy to drive as I plug them straight into my Asus ROG Strix (not for sure of the model ) laptop and can get totally lost in the game.
  9. TheHeavy
    MSI Z390 Godlike, I don't really have a budget, I mean I would like to keep the headphones under $1k and start with a smaller solid state amp and avoid buying an external DAC if you think this motherboard can handle it, or possibly purchase a decent AMP/DAC combo but I would prefer to get some nice cans and something more entry level for a desktop amp that can drive them. I currently still own the Triad Audio Lisa III and I believe I have an L3 laying around somewhere which is a little sleeker.
  10. TheHeavy
    What is your suggestion for gaming, closed or open back design, it seems you have used both and prefer the closed back AKG's. The Mobius seem to have some interesting technology to pair with gaming.
  11. TheHeavy
    I mean out of the 3 which should I buy LOL
  12. dmdm
    I would go with the 800S.

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