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Galaxy S2: Klipsch S4 + Fiio E11 vs Atrio MD7 Pro

  1. chasec
    Hi guys,
    Firstly let me say I'm absolutely clueless about all this stuff...I just love good sounding music.
    I listen to Hip-Hop and Rap mostly...I love bass. Due to portability issues I'll be listening out of my Galaxy S2 (I could pick up something super small like a Sansa Clip+ if it's realllllly needed.)
    I've done a bit of research on this forum and others and I've narrowed my search down quite a bit. From what I understand the MD7's would be great but the S2 probably won't do them justice. I'm also aware that the FiiO amp may not make a big difference from the S2 due to it's hardware restrictions (not to mention the lower portability.)
    Given all the above, does anyone have an informed opinion as to which would sound better for my uses:
    1) Klipsch S4 + Fiio E11
    2) Atrio MD7 Pro (no amp)
    And a bonus question...would getting a Clip+ make a bigger difference and/or change up the options/decision in any significant way?
  2. bigmiketn
    I use my atrios mostly with a galaxy nexus and I've used them with a droid 3 and they sound amazing.  With a little equalizer tweaking they blew my head completely off. I listen to the same kind of music you do and  I seriously, seriously doubt you will be disappointed.  
    damn it's too early, I just realized this was three months old.

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