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Discussion in 'Buyer/Seller Feedback ARCHIVE' started by g5tar, Feb 28, 2010.
  1. g5tar
    feedback please
  2. monsieurguzel
    g5star bought a LOD from me. Great communication and very fast payment. Very recommended buyer!!
  3. GreatDane Contributor
    I recently sold g5tar a Micro Amp. This was another perfect Head-Fi transaction...great communication, quick & hassle free payment. I'd not hesitate to do business again...gets my [​IMG]


  4. abs@nilenet.com
    g5star purchased my darth beyers. The transaction went off without a hitch. Thanks!
  5. jc9394
    g5tar purchased my HD600, fast payment with great communication. Will certain do business with him again in the future.
  6. Faulk
    I bought g5tar's darth beyers. Quickly shipped, well packaged, a great transaction. Thanks again!
  7. Poetik
    Greg bought my Little Dot MKIV,

    We negotiated quickly and the payment was fast and done within 10 minutes of me going to work so it was right on time. I would encourage anyone to do business with Greg as he is not only courteous but also straight to the point. This was one of my easiest transactions so far on head-fi and I hope my future transactions are similar.

    Enjoy your amp Greg.

  8. elliot42 Contributor
    I bought Greg's HD25-ii-1.
    Communication and business was very fast with Greg, a great person to deal with.
    Thanks for the headphones.
  9. Tekkaman
    Perfect communication, packaging, shipping, and advice from someone who has already been in my shoes.

    Thank you so much for everything. I would never hesitate to deal with him again!
  10. Wildcard30
    Bought a Cardas 1/4 to 1/8 adaptor quick shipping and communication item packaged well would definately do business with again.
  11. ithankYouGod
    Bought cardas mini cable from g5tar, great communnication and shipping, would buy from again
  12. KBerube80
    Greg is a great guy and easy to deal with. Sold him a new WA6 + Sophia Princess Rectifier. Smooth as silk transaction.
  13. bear7
    Bought a Grado SR60, everything was as said it would be. Highly recommended.
  14. mr.khali
    Purchased Greg's Grado SR 225i. Great communication and he shipped them out the same day I sent him payment. They arrived in the mint condition he described. A great transaction!
  15. mritt400
    I purchased a HeadRoom Micro amp from Greg. Great price, excellent communication, shipped tout de suite & amp was packed like a champion. Would do business with again in a heartbeat.

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