G&W T-2A a good match for K701s?
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Jul 8, 2008
I have posted under 'last thing bought' but assume more people will view here.
I picked up a G&W T-2A tube amp to pair with my AKG K701s. I bought it (new) in an online auction (not ebay) where I actually bid and won on a T2.6F which I had read many positive reviews about. They stuffed up and sent me the T-2A. Turns out they had no more stock of the T2.6 and were going to do a refund. I found very little info on the T-2A, but suggested a partial refund and to let me keep the amp, which they then refunded 30% of the purchase price. These are the specs - what do you think of it as a match ?

Input Sensitivity: 150mV
Frequency response: 16Hz - 110kHz(-1dB)
8Hz¡ - 238Khz(-3dB)
THD: < 0.01%(Vrms:1V;1kHz)
S/N ratio: 100dB(output :Vrms:15V)
Matched Headphone Impedance: 100 - 600ohms
Power Consumption: 36w
Output Impedance£º200¡«600

There is a thread here about it, but not too much info...

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