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FX-Audio DAC-X7 First look

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by FireLion, Mar 5, 2018.
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  1. RTI_MD
    What?! And how do you actually think this would happen? Don't get fooled by the snake oil vodoo magic - there's nothing to "break-in" inside. Electronic digital circuits don't "break-in", with time your brain just gets used to the sound you hear from the device and you start to think it sounds better... just look at the graphs, if they are ok - it sounds ok.
  2. Joong
    Yes, SQ will be changing in usually better way. There are break-in processes on both sides, your brain and your machine where chemical stabilization can plays it out by infusing of defusing in microscopic ways. Why usually better way? because brain break-in is more weighty than the other I think.
    Put it another way:
    The understanding can be simply resolving all those sonic information down to meaningful elements, which requires so called training that needs time.
    This is exactly same meaning of break-in on brain
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2018
  3. trtmrt
    I need help.Did anyone have any problems with using pc-usb input. My computer does not recognize the dac. I installed the original usb driver and some others without results.Here's the picture: 3.jpg Here's the picture: 3.jpg 4.jpg
  4. daftcombo
    Hi @trtmrt.

    Same here, using Windows 10. It's because the DAC drivers are not signed by Microsoft.

    Actually, it worked for me plug-and-play before I installed the drivers. Then I installed the drivers and it didn't work anymore.

    I fixed the problem by desactivating the drivers signature control by Windows 10. Here's the procedure:
    You have to do it every time you start the PC.

    Or, you can do it once and for all in the BIOS. Find the "Security boot" line and turn it to FALSE.

    So, as you can see, the problem can be solved but it's not very handy.

    Best regards.

    I also have a question: did anyone compare this DAC with other chinese DAC like the Gustard X20, X20Pro, X22 ?
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  5. trtmrt

    Thanks for the help, it is too complicated for me, the DAC is defective obviously.
  6. Joong
    I had X20.
    There is not noticeable difference between X7 and X20.
    I think dac x7 is good enough for usual phones upto 1k$
    Only bad thing is the delay of signal 1 sec delay, which gets me mad some time.
    When it is with linear power supply and usb stabilizer like ifi usb 3.0 and with Yulong A18 amp, it is really good or beyond Gustard X20 whith Krell KSA-5 amp.
    I seriously think that this unit is very good with proper setting, except that damn delay.

    Fx audio dac x7 can be budget master piece with your masterful set up of audio chain.
    [edit] If you have DDC like Gustard u12 or Topping D10, then try to convert USB to coaxial input that noticeable improvement in clarity, extension to high and low.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2018
  7. Joong
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  8. daftcombo
    Hi Joong,

    That's exactly what I did: put the Topping D10 between the PC (Jriver, Topping ASIO driver) and the X7 to enter in coaxial. No delay when you use it in coaxial like this. I also used the X7 in coaxial from my CD Transport. It sounds very detailed but harsh & dry, tiring to my ears. I did measurements in REW to compare with my Apogee Duet 2 (which is USB only and can't be used on a CD transport). I didn't see any difference of frequency response. As for my CD Transport, I now connect it to a NAD D1050. It's less detailed but I can listen for hours.

    So I guess it's all a matter of set-up (amp + speakers). The headphones out sounds better to me than the DAC section, less tiring. I only tried with AKG K701.

    Thanks for the comparison with the Gustard X20!

    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
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  9. daftcombo
  10. Joong
  11. daftcombo
    That's not what I meant, I've never tried it.

    But I came accross this comparison and if you replace "AUDIO-GD" by "DAC X7" in these sentences:
    " Everything sounds to me a lot more pleasant with the NAD, voices have the sparkle in them I was missing with the AUDIO-GD.
    The instruments are more integrated and they sound together... as with the Audio-GD 15 they seem to play all for themselves...
    The NAD also leaves a better rhythmic impression - and listening is more fun.
    With the AUDIO-GD I had always the feeling of an analytic session was occuring, it was a bit boring and could get strenous; I could not let myself get lost in the music, as single instruments are so prominently audible. "
    you would get my opinion about both units.

    i own both, I don't plan to resell one or another, I'm just having difficulties enjoying the X7 for now. I listen to all kinds of music, from the Smiths to Prokofiev to MF Doom to italo-disco.

    If I had to order the DACs I have at home by decreasing listening pleasure:
    Apogee DUET 2 > NAD D1050 > Scarlett 2i4 > (FX-AUDIO D802) > FX-AUDIO DAC X7 > Topping D10
    but I agree that the X7 is the one with the more details & larger sound stage.
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  12. daftcombo
    Would a linear power supply change anything? I suspect it would make the sound evern cleaner... then harsher and drier:
  13. Joong
    Technically any well defined voltage level serves ground where all signal are measured against it.
    This fact defines clean signal not modulated by the ripples, which make signal unpredictable.
    Because of this, Audio GD is very well known company for emphasizing the clean power so that they allocate lot of PCB area for stabilizing voltage levels.
    Another company known for clean power caring is ifi audio.
    In general, the clean power is fundamental for all signal process.
    For my personal experience, SQ is significantly improves whenever I got a good linear power. Fx audio dac x7 is no exception.
  14. Joong
    With coaxial input via Topping D10 as DDC, the sound is significantly changed from warm side with somewhat nasal sound ( this terms I borrowed from some one in this thread) to open and detailed with some energy in highs. And there is bass and sub-bass well extended with quantity and quality.
    Of course the delays has gone.
    This encourages me to play with cable rolling.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
  15. daftcombo

    Did you try Toslink from the Topping ? I can't hear any difference. Both Tos and coax better than USB though,

    Why do you use a 1.5 A linear power while the stock power was 1A ?
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2018
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