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FX-Audio DAC-X7 First look

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by FireLion, Mar 5, 2018.
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  1. FireLion
    Attention the drivers are not ready for this unit and are coming out soon it will work but the xmos component still have to be released.

    FX-Audio DAC-X7 First look
    • Chipset : XMOS+CS8422+AK4490 + TPA6120 +OPA2604
    • Power Output : 120mW
    • Sample Rate: USB - 32bit / 384 kHz
    • Coaxial / Optical - 24bit / 192kHz
    • DSD 64 / 128 / 256
    • Interface Input : Optical, PC-USB, Coaxial, Micro USB, AUX
    • Interface Output : RCA, 6.35 (3.5 ) Headphone
    • Impedence : 16-300Ω
    • Operated : Button and Front Panel Volume Control
    • Power Supply DC: 12V 1A
    Initial Impressions

    If you were thinking about spending under $200 on a DAC we now have a new contender with the AK4490 DAC chip, I believe this is the same DAC from the Schiit jotunheim & SMSL M9. I can testify that sound is a step up from any of the sub $100 DAC's I have tested.

    My initial impressions are the sound is very smooth, almost delivered to your ears on a velvet platter. Instrument separation is enhanced from cheaper DAC's and that is just on my Takstar 82's which normally sounded a little harsh are now less fatiguing. I am able to pick out sounds that I did not normally hear before.

    Build quality is again sturdy like the X-6 in an all metal construction, all the switches feel solid and the screen is a nice touch. The power button acts as an input selector with short presses and a long press when you want to shutdown, when you do so if connected to windows reverts to the last or default audio source which is very handy. The volume knob also acts as an mute button. The two usb's can input audio but I think only one at a time so you could possibly have your phone as an audio source, I'll test that in my full in my full review along with a MK2 T50RP Argon, M1060C and maybe a HD650 in the coming weeks..

    Pictured here with the well known little brother made popular by Z the DAC-X6, The X-7 is bigger and better in every way!

    Last edited: Apr 6, 2018
  2. Ad-Astra
    You got it? How?
  3. FireLion
  4. Ad-Astra
    Are you in the us?
  5. Ad-Astra
    What was the price?
  6. FireLion
    Hi it is $150 +5% if you use Paypal and then whatever shipping is. I paid $28 DHL and it was here in about a week.

    Very smooth DAC.
  7. RTI_MD
    what about the amps? what are the power ratings? Can it drive high impedance headphones?
  8. FireLion
    Uploaded what info I could get 16-300 according to above..
  9. GouryellaIV
    which one is better, x6 or x7? sound?
  10. FireLion
    No question the X-7 it has more detail and is smoother. The X-6 is a good DAC for $65 but I heard the difference straight away.
  11. Safarix
    Is R/L audio out fixed or variable?
  12. FireLion
    As far as I can tell it's fixed.
  13. ext23
    Output impedance?
  14. FireLion
    According to the documents above 16-300.
  15. Kerry56
    I believe he was asking for the output impedance on the headphone jack. With the X6, it was somewhere close to 10 ohms, making it less suitable for low impedance headphones.

    Since it uses the TPA6120 headphone amp chip, it will probably be similar.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2018
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