Futuresonics atrio m5/m8 vs Sennheiser cx500
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reviews of the cx500 suggest that they are not worth the money to upgrade from the cx300, which means that $93 for the cx500 is not seen as a wise investment. On the other hand, the Atrio's are seen as a top investment for the sub $200 IEM sector.
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Haven't heard them, but cx300 are said to have bloated bass and average detail. Pretty sure everyone around here will say Atrio M5.
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Sludig -- I like Sennheiser products, but the Future Sonics are very nice, and a very good value at that price. In other words, I believe the Future Sonics are better and would be worth the money.

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i think im one of the few here who actually owns the cx500. for me the cx500 sounds much better than my atrio m5. i would definitely agree with the majority that the atrio wins in the bass dept. they have much better sounding lows. deep, fullsounding w/o being bloated. and they are great with acoustics. but what i find better with the cx500 is the highend. imo they have more crisp, sparkler highs. i really like how cymbals sound on my cx500/cx400. they sound more natural. and no the cx500 doesnt sound muddy anymore. they have less bass impact than the cx300 but theyre more detailed. instrument separation is great and youll be able to place them from each other.

just a sidenote, my music is mostly composed of modern rock. and one more thing, the cx500 has a kinda laidback sound which i prefer. so ymmv
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Why vote if you've never even heard the phones? The CX500's are actually excellent phones. No, they are not triple.fi's...but they are not even near the same price range. They beat the **** out of my super.fi 3's. Now there's actually real bass and drums don't sound like someone's tapping with a pencil any longer.
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how do they compare at low volumes?
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Originally Posted by maxjensen /img/forum/go_quote.gif
and drums don't sound like someone's tapping with a pencil any longer.


Woah, very surprised to hear these opinions. I was more than ready to fork out $200 (uk) for the atrios to replace the $50 (uk) cx500's that I own. Probably wont now. Which goes to show Head fi can have the opposite effect from usual.
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i agree i have owned both cx300 and cx500 they do have crisper highs

however thats all they have.

atrio wins everywhere else.


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instrument separation is great and youll be able to place them from each other.

you have got to be kidding

the senns dont mix sound that well , sometimes they just sound noisy
symbols do sound criisp and nice...but 5 or 6 symbols add some drums and you have to take the phone off!
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I also own the CX500, sound great since they only cost around $50 now. it has the same bass impact as my sennheiser IE7, but the high on the CX500 is a bit higher. The IE7 however sounds much more spacious and has a great mid. the CX500 also lacks a bit of detail and the music isn't blended very well in acoustic musics. For the Atrio, I was debating between it and the IE7, but then I brought the IE7 because of its price $150 at newegg and a much neutral sound. The atrio will have better bass then the IE7 for sure and the CX500
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this is interesting actually. I own the cx500's (picked them up for £15 at play.com) and i thought that yes they were an upgrade to the cx300's but still arent anything special. I am very curious about the atrios low low bass. I was hoping the atrio had slightly better highs and dealt with vocals better and of course MORE bass. Do the atrios excel over the cx500's in these areas?
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Originally Posted by ljcii /img/forum/go_quote.gif
how do they compare at low volumes?

One of the goals FutureSonics had while they were designing the driver for the Atrio and their other products was that they provide full performance at lower volumes, which they do.
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I picked up the Atrios (v1 it turns out) recently from the $99 OWC special and will be comparing them shortly to the CX550s (not the CX500) on order. So far I've been very impressed with the Atrios. These are my first IEMs with dynamic drivers, which I'm starting to think produce a more energetic, natural sound. They are a bit dark, and the treble quality is probably not quite as good as several other top shelf IEMs. I made a custom iTunes EQ preset (see below) that works pretty well:


Too bad I can't use it on my iPod/iPhone though.
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Last I knew, the street prices in the US were $50 for the CX500 and $99 for the Atrios.

The Senns are good-enough phones at that price, but you can do better (The Nuforce NE-6 and the Denon C551 come to mind.) The Atrios, however, are a must-buy if you're in that price range.

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