Funny ear hole..suggestion for some earphones?
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Hi guys,
I was using a set of AT-EC700 and currently they're out of commission with a loose wire that's not feeding sound to the left ear. I'm hoping to have them fixed, but looking into the option of purchasing a new set of earphones.
So as the title suggests, I've got a funny ear hole. Normal earbuds will just fall right out of my left ear hole. It's shaped funny or it's just extra large, so using a clip on type earphone seems like my only option (in fact, even the clip on felt loose on my left ear but stayed on because of the clip). With that said now, do I have many earphone options out there?
A little about my listening habits. I like listening to music with a lot of bass in general, but I do enjoy listening to pop every now and then, but my main music selection is bass heavy. I have considered IEM's, but have read that IEM's often have the issue with the cord/cable transferring sound to your ears since they're quite plugged into your head, and that is an problem for me because I will often be listening to my music at the gym doing cardio.
I love Audio Technica, but have not listened to many other earphones out there, that suit my strange ear problem, as well as my needs in music taste, so I would really appreciate the feedback from you guys who are much more experienced in sound than I am. I've looked at the AT Solid Bass earphones, but I'm not sure if they'll stay in my ear with constant movement.
I suppose my query here is two folded. Does anyone else have this odd problem with an ear hole being particularly large/small that doesn't allow an earphone to stay in the ear and what my options are out there? What are your solutions?
Thanks everyone! Appreciate it!
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I'm sorry, did I say something wrong? Or is no one taking me serious here? I really would appreciate some feedback with my problem, and I'm at a loss for earphone options! Please help a guy out? Thanks.
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What's your budget? i can only recommend UE5eb (heavy bass like subwoofers), Radius DDM, Hippo VB and IE8.......
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I've got a pal who has the same condition as you - he can't seem to get a perfect fit for both ears when using either ear canal phones or ear buds. But he's happily using a pair of neckband headphones (i.e. PMX 680) when in the gym or running as well as PX 100-II on-ear headphones when on the move. There are of course many other headphones to choose from but it'll be good to know your budget, preferred wearing style, etc..
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Give Sony Hybrids a shot. I have the same issue. Something wrong with my left ear hole. Nothing fit correctly. No seal, falling out, etc. I picked up a set of Hybrids and they work great. They are cheap at Best Buy. $8 I think. Try them if they fit your IEM's.
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One of the best solution is to get custom earphones. But for those on a budget, you can choose to get custom tips for your earphone. Either way is not that cheap. The Westone Um56 I made is going to cost me around $140. And the last option would be to buy dozens of different tips to experiment with the fit. If you like Audio Technica's sound, there is CK-10 and CK-100, but I am not sure if their earphones sound like their headphones.
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excellent! Thanks for the suggestions! I went and tried out a few sets and apparently my ear hole in the left ear is actually too small, which explains why it just kept on falling out. 
My budget is around $150 USD? I live in Hong Kong, so it seems that particular brands or audio gear in general is a little cheaper than being stateside. 

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