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Fun all-rounder under £30

  1. RoosterDude
    Hey guys! I know there's lots of threads like this but I'm hoping you can find me an IEM suited to me for my tight budget!
    1. I listen to everything but classical and jazz. My favourite band is the rolling stones. I also listen to a fair bit of modern pop and hip-hop, modern and 90s dance and indie rock.
    2. Must be well built and comfortable
    3. Much rather have a fun/engaging sound than an analytical one
    4. Ideally available to buy in the UK
    I await your recommendations!
  2. lecky
    I think that the new Brainwavz Betas should be a contender - they're fairly neutral, so they're usable across many genres, but certainly not boring, with a well extended bass. I'm listening to Sympathy for the Devil on mine now, sounds great.
    They can be sibilant, but only very occasionaly with horrific, hot recordings - if you're a Britney Spears fan, they're not for you (I'm not, I was just testing them with varied material).
    They're too new to really have a more than subjective sense of the build quality, but subjectively they seem fine to me.
    They can be bought online, not via a UK stockist, but mine came to the UK reasonably quickly.
    I'm really impressed with these, they're outrageously good for the price.
  3. RoosterDude
    Good shout mate! Haven't seen them mentioned a lot on here but they do look good! From what I've seen some people have reservations about the build quality but I guess you can't have everything for £30!
    Sympathy for the devil is one of my favourite stones tracks.. absolutely love that intro! And whilst I'm not a Britney fan, I do listen to some modern pop music so maybe that could be a problem.
    Saying that, I'll look into them some more. Any others I should look at?
  4. kckc
    Dunu Trident. EXCELLENT build quality and definitely one of the best bang for buck earphones under £30. You can get it off frogbeats for £19 + 10% discount with discount code CROAK10. 
  5. lecky
    Haven't heard any sibilance with hip hop so far...
  6. dweaver
    If isolation is important I think the Beta's may be a bad choice but otherwise I would recommend them as well. Their cable is a bit thin but the strain reliefs and cable protectors seem to be pretty solid on them.
    lecky likes this.
  7. RoosterDude


    Thanks for your advice everyone! I did a bit more research and eventually plumped for the Tridents. The build quality and UK stock were the winners! @kcfc, or anyone else, got advice on what tips to use.. or are the stock ones fine?
  8. tinyman392


    That's a great pair of headphones.  I use the stock tips, they come with plenty of tips (I think 6 if memory serves correctly).  Just make sure you got a great seal (good doesn't ever cut it for audio quality) in both ears. 

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