Fulla Mods?

  1. MS1000
    Hey guys,

    I was wondering if anyone has attempted, or has heard of methods, to modify the Schitt Fulla 2 DAC/amp. Is it even worth doing? I have considered replacing caps for nicer ones. What else may be done? (and is it worth doing?)

  2. maxxevv
    I have seen the stripped open picts of it somewhere. My first impression was that the aesthetics of it could definitely be improved if that was a concern. And if you really think it would be worth the effort and costs.

    Its pretty easy to put together (mechanically) so its possible to machine a solid aluminium clock to fit the stuff inside purely for the aesthetics. But its probably going to cost much more than the unit itself doing it though. :p

    Just to clarify, my day job revolves around machine / mechanical design, so it looks easy to achieve from my perspective. :)
  3. MS1000
    The z-axis on my machine isn't tall enough to mill a case, or aluminum would be nice for sure. I would love to put a hardwood case over it though!
  4. maxxevv
    The top cover definitely can be replaced with hardwood if you have a CNC mill. It only requires a Z axis of not more than 30mm . The whole set including knob is less than 1.375 inches tall.
    That's 35mm.

    Unless you're talking about a router rather than a mill though ??
  5. MS1000
    Its a mill with limited capabilities. (Zen toolworks CNC) I would make the cover by hand however.

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