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Fulla (by) Schiit - News, photos, thoughts, impressions, etc.

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by gilly87, Oct 8, 2014.
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  1. Gilly87
    Looks like a real winner from Schiit, potentially...I'm very curious about how it will compare to the HRT microSteamer, Meridian Explorer, AudioQuest Dragonfly, Geek Out, etc. The price point is half or less of most of the competition out there; the only similar product in the same price range, to my knowledge, is the SMSL Fort, which is a solid product, but definitely not on par with the others listed. If the Fulla can compete with the nicer offerings, or even split the difference, it could be a game changer, especially if it's compatible with iOS/Android.
    I'm really excited about these products: they make the world of audiophilia both more convenient and accessible for folks who would otherwise be stuck with their onboard PC/phone sound as a source. If anyone knows anything, share the knowledge!
  2. Nhubley
    Subbed! I want this thing soo badly! 
  3. YtseJamer
  4. elwappo99
    I think Jude said it would be $79, which really makes it a great price to complement to any desktop rig/laptop.The size is much smaller than I expected based on the picture. About 6 months ago I probably would have grabbed this thing for a portable USB DAC, but splurged on a Fiio X5 for it's USB DAC feature. 
  5. Nada190
    Can't wait, finally a reason to buy a portable amp/dac. Reason:It's a piece of Schiit, I gotta have more! 
  6. wuwhere Contributor
    It looks like its Fulla Schiit ([​IMG] can't help it). Follow it up with one called Enyapans cause it fits inside your pants.
  7. XERO1
    Soooo getting one the second it comes out!!!  [​IMG] 
  8. alexfry
    I'm down with this..
    I like Schiit as a company, but I have no desire to buy anything that needs mains power. This on the other hand.
    It also looks small enough that It's not going to annoying in my laptop bag.
    I may even pair it with their super sweet audiophile grade USB cable, mainly because of their ad copy:
    AudioTroll likes this.
  9. the Ortherion
    It would be awesome if we could use the USB DAC part only. but it seems that they are integrated in each other right (amp/dac)?
  10. alexfry
    Hmm, what would be the use case there?

    Using it with another bus or battery powered amp? Sounds a little messy for a portable.
  11. jcwc
    Is that round knob an analogue volume control?
  12. Mondrow20
    looks like it.
    in the 2 different pictures the small dimple on the knob is in different locations, which makes my think that is is at least something that can be spun and probably is a volume control.
  13. Mondrow20
    Jude tweeted this a few hours ago
    that is truly a little schiit
    Gilly87 likes this.
  14. labjr
    What is the maximum sample rate? Will it do DSD?
  15. Mondrow20
    I can assure you that it won't do dsd, as for the sample rate I don't know.
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