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++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

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  1. kappa2583
    Hi everybody,
    Like most people, I found my way to this forum on a quest for headphones.  Attempting to narrow things down by searching through the site is making my head swim, so I thought I would post here to get some guidance from the more knowledgeable contributors. 
    Here's what I'm looking for:
    $50-$100.  I really would like to keep this under $100 if possible!  I am totally open to buying used as well to keep it under $100.
    What I listen to:
    Contemporary and classic rock (Radiohead, Flaming Lips, STP, Tool, Filter, NIN, The Who, Rush, Led Zeppelin, etc. etc.)
    Downbeat electronica (Tosca, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin)
    Classical Guitar
    Jazz (Django reinhardt, Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery, mostly guitar based jazz)
    Where am I going to use it:
    Mainly in the office.  I need to be able to hear the phone ring!  I don't think I would like the fully closed headphones because of this; perhaps an over the ear headphone??
    I will also be using it for video games at home, although the sound coming out of the video game isn't as important to me as the music.
    What I don't particularly want:
    earbuds or any other headphone that will be inserted in the ear.  For some reason it kind of freaks me out!
    I hope this will help!  My current headphones are sony MDR V150 so I can imagine that there has to be something out there that sounds better than that!  In advance, thanks for taking the time to read my long post and offering your suggestions, and please let me know if I can offer more information to make the process easier.
  2. Ra97oR
    AD700 will be a good choice if open is an option. It also does exceptionally well in games with it's large soundstage. Although if you are looking for huge bass, stay away.
  3. 12345142
    The main issue with using open headphones in an office is that although you can hear the phone, others will clearly hear your music. As long as you don't turn the volume too high, most closed full-size headphones will allow you to hear a ringing phone.
  4. kappa2583


    I could totally do a closed headphone then!!
  5. JPresz
    currently i own a pair of K701's (love them, even without an amp), and i have a e7/e9 combo on the way. im looking to get some closed headphones for school and home, but im thinking i might wanna try some with a bit more bass. i'm looking at the DT 770's. which impedance would work best with the e7? are there any other hp's that would work out a bit better?
    PS: i realize the DT 770's might not be what people call "portable" but i dont mind lugging them around, i'm also gonna be using them in broadcasting/audio engineering class
  6. iindigo
    Hey guys,
    My previous portable headphones bit the dust and so I'm now looking for a replacement. What I need is:
    - Must be headphones. Over the head and behind the head are fine, but I'm not the hugest fan of buds these days. I may be able to make exceptions if they're really, really nice, however.
    - Must sound good unamped/plugged into an iPhone 3GS.
    - Should not be a pain in the rear to carry around. Ex: I love my HD280Pro's, but the cord makes it rather difficult to use outside the house.
    - Balanced mids and highs and a deep bass. Nothing overpowering, but enough to be "fun" to listen to.
    Bonus points if they don't leak tons of sound.
    I listen to a variety of genres from classic rock to techno to classical with plenty in between.
    My budget maxes out at $100, but would rather opt for something cheaper if possible.
    Any recommendations? Thanks!
  7. eucariote


    Denon AH-D2000.  They have good bass & soundstage and sound ok with no/weak amplification.  They're also semi-closed, meaning outside sounds are attenuated by ~1/2 so you'll hear the phone.  They leak some, but block well enough that my wife doesn't hear anything about 5 feet away if it's low to moderate volume.
    SRH840 are on par imo (better mids but smaller soundstage) and cost less but they might block outside sounds too much for your liking.
  8. eucariote


    DT770-80 have waay to much bass (and sloppy to boot).  600 ohm are reputed to have a very balanced signature, but might not do well with portable amplification.  Anything will have more bass than AKG.  [​IMG]  SRH840 have a slightly warm signature, very punchy bass and do ok with portable amps.  But coming from your headphones you might miss the soundstage.  People also love M50s for their bass, but I haven't heard them so can't comment on those.
  9. JPresz


    i'm looking for something in the mid-fi area, i don't mind spending around $300. also, i surely wouldn't want a big noticeable drop in quality. do you think i'd be better off ordering the K271 MKii's?
  10. eucariote
    I sold off my K271MKIIs within a few days of buying them- they have great mids and soundstage but the bass was completely absent imo.  For your budget, D5000 are very nice but are wooden so might not handle travel very well.  Mediocre soundstage aside, SRH840 really are amazing headphones.  In your shoes I'd wait a few weeks to see if the upcoming SRH940 improve on their sound and get one of the above 3 headphones.
  11. jm2392
    I have a budget of $200 for a nice pair of headphones.  At first I was looking at the HD 598's (over budget, plus the 1/4 inch cable standard threw me off).  Right now im looking at the ATH M50's which look appealing and the reviews are great for it.  Im wearing my dads Bose quietcomfort 3's (the on ear version) and they sound pretty damn sweet so let that be an indication of how little I know about sound and quality headphones.  Im not sure if any of you guys have heard these before since bose isnt really liked around here from what ive read.  I mainly listen to rock, alternative and electronic/techno and guys like cudi and wiz.  Im looking for over-ear cans and it doesnt matter how compact they are or if they travel well.  I will mainly be using them just to listen to music and movies.  So yeah $200 budget and if any of you sound geniuses could recommend some quality cans that would be fantastic.
    Also I have the M-Audio studiophile av-40's and im pretty sure they have a 1/4 inch jack on the back of them.  Hypothetically if i did get the HD 598's would they sound better if i plugged them into these speaks?
    Thanks guys
  12. matryx
    I have 5.1 home theater system but I need something more quiet for when I watch movies and play games at night.
    I'm looking for a headphone that's around $100. It's going to be use for my PS3 and Patriot Box. I also occasionally listen to house and hip-hip music so I want some with good bass. These will be for home use only so it doesn't matter if it's close or open whichever sounds better.
    Also I'm from Canada so my choices are kind of limited.
    Right now I'm currently using the Turtle Beach P21 for gaming and got some ME Electronics earphones. Not sure what model I got though.

  13. Eric_C


    They have a headphone jack on the front, not the back. It's a 1/8" but you can always just get an adaptor.
    When you ask if the 598 will "sound better", what are you comparing it to?
  14. Eric_C

    If you just want an excellent headphone to start you out, you could do a lot worse than Grado SR-60. 
    If you need something for competitive gaming, try reading this thread: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/534479/mad-lust-envy-aka-shin-cz-s-guide-to-headphone-gaming-particularly-with-dolby-headphone
  15. maverickronin
    The Bose QCs generally aren't liked around here because they're quite overpriced for their SQ.  The only good reason to buy them is if you need lots of isolation and don't like IEMs.  The Bose NC is the best I know of.
    If you liked the QCs then you probably want something with a lot of bass.  That would rule in the M50s and rule out the HD598s.  Others to consider are the Beyerdynamic DT770s.  You'd probably want either the Pro 80 ohm or premium 32 or 250 ohm version.  The 600 ohm version doesn't have as much bass.  The Denon D2000s are worth considering as well.  Any of those are likely to be fine from the headphone out on your M-audio monitors but the DT770s 80s and 250s may not get loud enough for you from a portable player.
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