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HD 598, or if you can get them that cheap maybe a used HD 600. Phiaton MS300 might be another good option. Used Pro 750...
Heck there's some good options way below your budget cap, too. Koss ProDJ100 fits the bill as well.
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Hey, im now looking to buy a new set of headphones, and after reading around the forums, i thought this would be a great place to ask : )
After using the Koss Porta Pro's for a while, i decided to get something better, and thus i bought a pair of AKG 518 LE. They were quite nice, but unfortunately, it broke after just a week, thanks to the cheap plastic which isn't durable enough when collapsing them.
Now im looking for another pair, and i guess il probably get them for christmas.
So, these are my criteria;
* Im willing to spend about 1000 NOK (Norwegian currency), which is approximately 200 USD.
* Must be collapsible, so that i can bring them with me when they aren't around my neck or on my head.
* Cant look too ****ty, but i do not consider the retro look of the Porta Pro's or the Grado headphones ugly, but i dont like the looks of some studio headphones.
* I will definitively use them at school, which means they cant leak that much sound, atleast not as much as the Porta Pro's.
* They will also be used quite alot on busses, and occasionally on trains and airplanes, so they cant let too much sound get in either.
* I mostly listen to Hip-Hop (Lil Wayne, Eminem, 50 Cent, Ky-Mani/Damian Marley), some Dubstep, and sometimes Reggae (as in Bob Marley)
* Oh, i forgot, i will be using them with my laptop and my Iphone, so no amp, atleast not at this time.
* Im not really sure if i want over-ear or on-ear, as long as they fullfill the criteria it doesnt really matter that much.
I've been looking at the Grado SR-60i and SR-80i, thou they would probably leak to much for my use? How much do they leak compared to the Porta Pro's?
I've also been looking at the Audio Technica ATH-M50, do anyone have any experience with them?
So what would you guys recommend?

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Grados are a terrible idea for your music preferences. No bass at all and leak worse than any other headphone out there. As for the M50...it would be a good choice but there's better options for the price, IMO.
Per your price point and preferences I'd recommend a Pro 750 (Used), A&H Xone 53, Pioneer HDJ2000 (Used), Phiaton MS300...AIAIAI TMA-1 (these don't fold down but they're compact and the definition of indestructible. They also look quite nice.), and the HD 25-1 II. Again the 25-1 doesn't fold down but they don't look half bad and are very durable.
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Yep, 80 ohm. 

The Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 80-Ohm is a really nice "Bassy" headphone.
But it needs a decent headphone amplifier to bring out it's best.
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So i wanted to get a decent pair of headphones after my Bose Triports got ruined.
So after fishing around i finally settled on the Shure HD440 but i head that it needs to be amped to get the best out of it.
After that i had settled on the MS1-i since i heard it sounds pretty good unamped and people seem to like it quite a  bit.I plan
on getting a Cowan J3 later on and the headphones as well.but i head the sound quality of the j3 is good enough to use the shure ones without an amp.
Music wise i listen to rock,metal,a tiny bit of instrumental(say 5-7%).Nothing mainstream.Is there a decent set of headphones around the same pricerange
other than the 2 i considered?I also head the HD440s are a bit on the weaker side when it comes to rock music and such.I plan to use it on the j3 and my laptop as well.
Dont care about sound leakage btw:)
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Any of the Sennheiser 5XX series are good all around headphones.  Really, it just comes down to your price range.  I personally wouldn't recommend the Grados due to you listening to dubstep and some rap.
(I posted earlier but didn't get any feedback so i am posting again)
I'm a head-fi newbie and I've been looking for headphones since I have 120 dollars and unfortunately, I am slowly becoming an audiophile D: 
I listen to dubstep such as Skrillex. I also listen to rock such as Queen, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin. I listen to a little bit of Rap here and there. Would the Sennheiser HD555 be good?  Or maybe the 595/598's? I've also been looking at the AD700's but they it doesn't seem like it matches compared to the 555's. I have asked on the MLG Forums and they said I should get these http://www.amazon.com/Grado-Prestige-SR80i-Stereo-Headphone/dp/B000G3LCQC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1318573876&sr=8-1

If anyone has any other recommendations then please post here. Thank you in advance :)

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Hey guys! Looking to replace my ATH-EM9rs; the left ear just went out, sadly. Reading through some impressions on this site it looks like people don't hold them in very high regard, but I enjoyed them quite a bit. They were bright and harsh in the beginning but after some time I really began to dig them, minus some sound leakage and the annoying cord length. I was also able to nab them for $60, which I thought was a pretty decent price. Anyway, that should give you an idea of my standards... I guess I'm a low-level audiophile or something like that? I'm currently looking at the ATH-M50s, though the price is rather steep right now for my tastes ($160 on Amazon). I'd like to spend something around $100-150, if not less.
I listen mostly to orchestral soundtracks, followed by alternative rock, hip hop and jazz. While I think that bass is important -- I love getting so into a song that I involuntarily tap my toes to it -- melody comes first for me, and so the bass on the ATH-EM9r was perfectly suitable for me. The EM9rs supposedly have better bass than their counterpart the EM7s, which I've read more opinions about -- including that the bass is pretty much nonexistent.
I plug them straight into my iPhone/MacBook, for the most part, and I'd like it if they were either durable or had some kind of case to carry them around in. I'm not going to work out in them or anything of course -- I have a pair of athletic headphones for that -- and as long as their not too bulky or unwieldy and they're comfortable to wear for several hours then I'd be fine with them. I'd also prefer them to be good-looking, if at all possible? Haha, it's kind of shallow, but I like a classy and stylish (though not gaudy) headphones!
Thanks for your help!
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Hi guru's.  I have a problem but it's a good one.  I have put away roughly $300US over the last couple of months and need headphones to replace and compliment what I already have/had.  From top to bottom in the last few years I have  or have owned ATH-AD700's (still primary @ my desktop) AKG Q350 (stolen) which were top ear buds and I really miss, Klipsch s4's (broken), Sony MDR-NC22's (bought in target for $20 in pink :p that still work), Koss Porta Pro (broken) and I'm currently using cheap Sony Fontopia's on my journey to and from work with a FiiO E5 that is completely unnecessary for them but looks cool.  I thought I wanted IEM's next, but now I seem to be veering towards OE's.
I primarily listen to jazz, rock and metal, some funky soulful house and a little classical but I also listen to a lot of podcasts (SGU, Skeptoid, Geologic, Stone pages, Monster Talk).  I need a set of cans or great IEM's that give good isolation, have a neutral signature I can EQ through my Galaxy SII and Power Amp and a small physical profile.  I always seem to punish in ears a damn site more than on ears so I've been really looking at the HD 25 1-ii, the TMA-1's and the DT1350's but I'm open to suggestions on IEM's and alternatives also. 
Looking forward to your replys.
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How much bass do you want exactly?  The HD598 should give you a decent amount attached to a receiver, but if the receiver isn't pretty good the HD598s will eat it alive (will show you every flaw in your receiver, they are not at all forgiving.)  A pair of Denon D1100s or D2000s would give you the good bass you want and still be decent for nonbassy music.  You could also go for the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80s, although, I haven't tried them myself in a few months.
Hey! I'm looking for a new pair of headphones and need some help.* Should be around 200$* I listen to very much different like, Dubstep,RnB,mainstream pop, beatles ans so on.* It should have good detail for beatles and pink floyd, still want great good bass for pop and dubstep.* I'm only going to use it around my comp. so if its bulky, closed or open doesn't matter.* It's going to be connected to my receiver.. 

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A Studio Monitor headphone thats also immersive and has a little thicker bass, limit $70.
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Seeking some advice here. I'm new to this, and my budget is maximum 200$. I've only owned PortaPro and some Skullcandy (which i quickly found out was crap)  so i don't know much about this.
I'll be using them mostly on my computer, but probably iPod too. I'd like a headset with good bass, since i listen to Dubstep alot.
Any suggestions?

Audio Technica Pro700mk2
Ultrasone HFi580

What's up guys, new here and to the world of headphones. Not an audiophile, however while looking for a good headset for my new computer build I was promptly told that 7.1 and 5.1 sets were gimmicks and crap compared to a real headphone.
I really can't justify spending more than $90 on a pair (in my mind, I could've used that money to get something much better), and i'm looking for a good "all-around" pair with I guess the correct word would be natural sound. They have to be isolated (live with roomates) and good quality (or at least better than the supposed bad typical gaming sets).
So my research has led me to Sony's MDR-V6's with a Zalman mic clip. Can get both for about ~$75.
My question is, would the sony's be good for gaming, music, and movies? Don't really care about portability, but is it good for the price compared to other much more expensive sets?

Yes, the V6 is a great all-rounder. You could also consider the Senn HD280 which is a bit higher in price but a significant improvement in isolation.

Hey guys! Alex here. I'm still relatively new to the world of headphones. I just got my first "high-end" pair of headphones a while back (the Grado 225is), and I have to say, they're pretty fricking awesome. Absolutely a step up from those Beats everybody's flaunting around. Anyway, I think its time to move on and see what else the audio industry has to offer. I listen to rock music (at maximum volume, mind you), and want a nice, deep bass. I don't plan on using a headphone amp, so a low impedence would be better. I've had my eye on the Sennheiser HD 448s, Sennheiser HD 598s, and the Grado 335is for a while now. Which do you think would be better, and do you have any other suggestions? Thanks! :) 

Those are all very different sounds. If you like the Grado sound, then the 325 is like a brighter more aggressive version. The HD448 will sound very dark in comparison, and is also the closed one of the group. The 598 will give you something in between, and the most bass of the bunch though won't punch quite as hard as the grado.
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I'm looking for a good full sized phone to plug into my Cowon j3 without an amp. I use Grado 225s primarily, wanting something with a little more soundstage/bass. $300 is absolutely the highest I'd go, but bang- for- the- buck is also a goal of mine. Open or closed doesnt matter. I'd like to be able to listen to classical, some techno/dance with these things. Thoughts?
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Hi, I have just recently started getting into music production and am going to be purchasing a pair of studio monitors and headphones as it is something I want to take up seriously. Am planning on getting a pair of KRK Rokit-6's for monitors, but not sure what to go for when it comes to headphones so was wondering if anyone could give me any advice?
I am on a budget for the both though and would rather spend a bit more on the monitors over the headphones, so probably looking at up to £100.
Thanks in advance!

First of all, well done on actually getting both headphones and monitors. This is best way to do things; crank out your microdetail with headphones, mix with the monitors. A fantastic budget studio headphone is the Sony V6/7506. That should come in well under budget, and spend the rest on acoustic treatment for your room/studio (or failing that, a couple coatracks, string, and curtains/sheets to cordon off your listening area and absorb reflections.

I'm looking to for a comparison between HD 598, AKG 240 Mkii and FA-011.
I was set on the HD598 but they cost £60 more than the other 2. the AKG being the cheapest for me.How do they compare in terms of sound stage, comfort and build quality? Which one, if any has the overall best sound?Thanks a lot. 
EDIT: Forget FA-011, review looked good but after reading though the thread i'm put off. Need them to be comfortable. Don't want bass heavy.
Wish I could demo the 598 somewhere but only found the 429? which sounded horrible. Demo'd Denon D1100 for 10 mins, sounded good but bassy and lacking mids and sound stage I think.

I personally find the AKGs more comfortable, but comfort is such a difficult thing to judge for other people. The AKG has a slightly warmer tilt to it, and I feel a slight edge in stage, while the 598 gives out better detail in the upper end.

Hi, newbie here. I unfortunately broke my Sennheiser pc350's yesterday and am looking for a replacement. I really like the looks of the hd598 but have never owned open headphones before and am nervous about that. I have the basement all to myself most  of the time, but there is times where my dad will come down and watch tv pretty loud. I was considering getting the 598's and a closed headphones as well, but not sure if I want to spend that much. I like a wide variety of music, I am not much for heavy metal or similar but most everything else can be found in my library. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I say stick with closed. It's amazing how often we take for granted the ability to hear our music without outside interference. You could consider the HD380, which is basically the PC350 without the pic and thus much cheaper.

HI guys  so if i buy Ultrasone PRO900 is it the right one for basshead ? i like a ton of bass

Yep. Go nuts and enjoy.

What would be the best music playlist to break in new headphones? Does the sound you are looking for affect the music you should play? Also, should I buy IEMs for my Sansa Clip+ or just use my newly bought Creative Aurvana Live! for it?

I am personally not a proponent of break in. Just plug them in and enjoy.
Don't bother with spending more money for iems unless you really need the isolation. You already have the headphones; be happy with those before dropping cash on more toys.
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Hey, so I posted my question some pages back and got some feedback.  Short form, I'm close to a noob familiar with the Sony V-6 and the MDR-7506, but the best headphones I've ever owned are Skullcrushers, which like all Skullcandy 'phones broke in a few months of use.  The Sony monitors are very clear in tone and last for years.  I've read of several instances of the cans being 10 years old or more.  That sort of built-to-last quality is one of my foremost concerns.  But the monitors aren't the most immersive.  Even though the Skullcrushers weren't as clear and the subwoofer really was just a blob of sound, they were simply more fun.
So now I'm looking at headphones.  If I buy the Sonys, I physically grasp what I'll be getting.  It will be a smart purchase, and I likely won't regret it.  But I can't help but wonder if there is a smarter purchase I could go for instead.  Someone recommended Senn PX 360s for indestructibility, but they cost a lot more than the V6s, and I am but a poor mortal college student.  I can get the V6s for $45.  I've found the Senn HD 280s for $60 used.  Finally, there are the Panasonic RP-HTF600-Ss for $30, velour padding recommended for an additional $20, total $50 cost.
If someone can give me some advice on these three cans, especially concerning where they match on bass, seal (I have to go with closed, since my roommates complain about me being too noisy with my music with only the leakage from my crappy earbuds), comfort (I listen sometimes up to 8 hours or more in a day), and how well they will hold up if I take them with me.  I don't want them breaking, but I tend to wander around listening to music just for its own sake.  I watch TV and movies, play video games, and listen primarily to hard rock, classic rock, and prog rock/metal.  Example bands would be Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Boston, Jim Croce, Nightwish, and Rurutia.
Thank you!

The HD280 bas more bass and seals MUCH more than the V6. Comfort is a tossup, with the V6 being a sort of supersized supraaural pad, and the HD280 sitting around the ear which is generally more comfortable but it also clamps much harder until it loosens up.

(I posted earlier but didn't get any feedback so i am posting again)
I'm a head-fi newbie and I've been looking for headphones since I have 120 dollars and unfortunately, I am slowly becoming an audiophile D: 
I listen to dubstep such as Skrillex. I also listen to rock such as Queen, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin. I listen to a little bit of Rap here and there. Would the Sennheiser HD555 be good?  Or maybe the 595/598's? I've also been looking at the AD700's but they it doesn't seem like it matches compared to the 555's. I have asked on the MLG Forums and they said I should get these http://www.amazon.com/Grado-Prestige-SR80i-Stereo-Headphone/dp/B000G3LCQC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1318573876&sr=8-1

If anyone has any other recommendations then please post here. Thank you in advance :)

I assume you're sticking to open headphones? I was thinking you'd want something closed with a V shaped response for Skrillex. In your budget the 555 would be ok, the AD700 probably won't be enough bass for you. The grado might be ok, but consider modding it and punching some holes in the paper vents to increase bass response.

Any thoughts on the HD448's? Look like they may be a good compliment to the 598 that I am looking at.

It's decent, but I would consider it a step down. Are you looking for anything specific or just a closed headphone to complement the 598?

I've been looking at IEMs lately for my Sansa Clip+ and have a few questions. Is the positioning of the earbuds detrimental to comfort or sound? By that, I was looking at Joker's IEM thread and I saw some like the Shure SE215 and that he called some IEMs Barrel-style. Also, he talks a lot about cables retaining the shape that they may be in for a period of time. Is that also detrimental to the condition to the IEMs or is it just a pet peeve for some people?

Positioning of iems is crucial to sound since the drivers are so close and/or in your ear.

So is there a universal style of earbuds that get great sound for a budget price?

You'll have to browse the portables forum, but there's an actual earbud buyer's guide in there somewhere.

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