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++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

  1. mastershake2393
    Hi all!
    I just recently bought a pair of DT 1350 from a fellow HF and was curious if I'm crazy for wanting to sell them to get a pair of Mad Dogs + Schiit Stack (Magni + Modi)
    Will I get that much of an improvement sound wise, or would I just be better off sticking with the DT 1350. I really do like the flat presentation the DT 1350 has, but I'm open to all sound signatures; I'm not very partial to one.
  2. Red Dawg
    Still haven't decided which of the DT 770 Pro's to go with. I have been reading some positive reviews of the LE in comparison.
    1. DT 770 Pro 250 - $184.95 + $60 portable amp
    2. DT 770 Pro 80 - $220 on Amazon
    3. DT 770 Pro LE 32  - $249 Turntable Labs
    What portable amp would you pair the 250 with? Originally i had them paired with FiiO E11
    If you have better pricing with reputable seller, please list link! 
    Thanks so much for helping me navigate my first pair of good headphones!
  3. MagnaCumLaude
    Hey, I bought my DT 770 Pro 80's on Ebay for $170.  I would look there, odds are you can get something for a lot cheaper than amazon. 
  4. Doc-holliday

    The differences in sound are not going to be much. Just get the one honestly you can find the best deal on. Your Fiio E11 amp will run the 32, 80 or the 250 ohm just fine. No need to purchase a new amp. Just find your best deal and pull the trigger and enjoy. DT770+E11 is a nice set up, but you never mentioned your source.... ipod? phone?.. what are you using?
  5. Doc-holliday
    Sounds to me there is something the DT1350 isn't delivering that you are looking for. You should figure out what that is and find the headphone that will provide it for you. The DT1350 is an excellent headphone and if you like it - keep it. You can always add more to your collection :wink:

    Edit: As a note I do find my DT1350 sounds better amped.
  6. bart69rich
    I actually DONT have a reciever.....that's part of the question.  Is that the best route to go? Buy a reciever....or would anyone here suggest another option?  Im also not sure if I can mic into a reciever?
  7. Red Dawg

    iPad, iPhone, Laptop, and occassionally, Yamaha 7.1 Home Stereo Receiver. I want them to sound better than the Beats without having to lug around  portable amp, but will do so if it sounds better than the beats.  I got a neighbor that has been pushing his Beats Solo, and I can't wait to show him my new speakers!
  8. Red Dawg
    What, if any, cables do I need to purchase for FiiO E11 and DT 770 Pro 250 and my sources. (iPhone, iPad, Computer, Laptop)
    Also, I don't have an amp, I will purchase E11 or E17 or PA2V2 if, as expected i grab the 250.  Thoughts on the right Amp?
  9. KG Jag

    You need to decide on your system first and then decide about the headphones.
    Deciding on that system is well beyond the scope of this thread and (in addition) would require a great deal of information--and likely discussion on various issues and options.
  10. Caladbolg
    I had my Ultrasone DJ1 Pro's stolen, so I'm looking at the AiAiAi TMA-1's. Anyone know if the Studio's are worth the extra 50 USD over the DJ version? 
    Also, suggestions for a better replacement then the TMA-1's are welcome. I'm inclined to lows, listen to a lot of electronic-type music (drum n bass, trance, house, dubstep, etc)
  11. Red Dawg
    First of all, thanks for all of the assistance.  I have learned so much!  Amazing source and community for audiophiles
    I have iPad, iPhone, Computer at work, and Yamaha HTR 5960 to use as sourcses.  Mostly the source begins with i :) 
    • DT 770 PRO 250 for $190 and will add an amp or amp/dac
    • DT 770 PRO Limited Edition 32 $250
    Which amp would you pair with DT 770 Pro 250?  FiiO E11, E17, or PA2V2, or a better option you might know of?

  12. Red Dawg

    Complete Nu B, but  I loved the sound of the Beat Port Edition, and the reviews I read says the Studio is better and more sturdy.  I am really having a hard time pulling the trigger on the DT770 Pro's without having heard them.  The aiaiai TMA-1 sounded really good to me.
  13. Enduro

    I went with the dt770 pro 250s with the E11 and am really liking it so far. I am a hi-fi neophyte as well but I do recommend getting an LOD to mate your amp to your various apple sources. For this I went with the fiio L9. Everything mentioned here was purchased from amazon.
  14. Red Dawg
    Me too...  I went with the DT 770 Pro 250, and should receive it Thursday.  Amp to follow... leaning to E11, E17 or PA2V2.  I am open to all advise, and I have the L9 already being sent...
    Thanks, next two things...  The amp, and suggestions for breaking it in properly...  4 Days ?
  15. Caladbolg
    I personally don't find that pink wave/sine waves make a difference for breaking in. Judging by my Shures and Ultrasones, it's about 50-60 hours for a full break in.

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