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++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

  1. M3iko
    Hi everybody,
    I would like a good headphone nomade/home for 150-200€. I would like removing cable because for my previous hp akg k518dj cable have broken. 
    I like strong bass but no boomy.
    I look currently :
    - Ath pro700mk2
    - AKG k618dj but i'am afraid towards the cable.
    I like design headphone.
    ps : Sorry for my english.
  2. eliteboy
    Hello, everyone.
    I know you guys will complain about the fact that I'm newbie, I "never" sought by the Head-Fi forums, I could look hardly but perhaps not enough.
    I have a Philips SHP-2700 and I need an update, I need to buy a phone in the range of $ 50 (which means here in Brazil around 250 ~ 300 $): expensive, no?
    Back here ...
    I've never used closed headphones, but I know they are not as good as to clarity of the audio, and its needs are for both music and gaming. Preferably, the music, of course!
    Actually, Im looking for a HP that doesnt has a lot of bass (Sennheiser out?) and makes everything close to something cool where I can listen to the soundstage, ambiance and can listen to the instruments of the music.
    Then I googled and came across 3:
    - Sennheiser HD202; (250$)
    - Shure HDR240; (260$)
    - Razer Orca; (230$)
    (of course, you all know them)
    I know you must disregard Razer's, but I'm not thinking this one isnt overpriced, but it would be as bad as they say?
    What would be a great upgrade for the right price in the fight between these 3?
    Which one to choose? Which to buy or not to buy?
    Is that possible that I could find any open-headphone same price?
    Thank you in advance!
    ps.: im following this website: http://www.playtech.com.br/ch/cat/10177/0/pre%C3%A7o/crescente/60/1/.aspx
  3. elock37
    Bumpity Bump. Any suggestions for a relatively neutral or slightly bassy setup around the $600 mark?
  4. deadpixel11
    hey guys. just looking for an upgrade to my current set up.
    i currently have a pair of grado sr125i's and a pair of sennhieser hd-280 pros.
    and to be honest i go back and forth between the two... because i love the detail and channel seperation of the grado's but the wider sound stage of the senns are tough to forget about. (i just wish it actually had bass impact) 
    so im looking for somthing between $150 and $250 ($200 would be better though lol)
    ive been looking at the DT990/DT880/DT770   but ive never really heard any of them so i dont know if i like the sound.
    does any one have any suggestions?
    i listen to alot of different music: jazz,classical, electronic, indie, rock, etc.
    i currently use a FIIO e10 as an amp/DAC
  5. fuerchter
  6. Doc-holliday

    You cld try pm ing one of the guys in this thread. Some of them are in austin.

  7. Doc-holliday

    For your music taste i would say the 880. They will have a more sparkly and detailed presentation than the 280. I found the 280 to be pretty closed in sounding so that is interesting. The 380 is similar in sound to the 280 but much more spacious sounding and better bass impact just although the quantity is far from emphasized. Very much flat.
  8. barid
    Not really looking for a recommendation on a headphone, more so for a retailer. 
    I'm interested in picking up an HD800 to try at some point in the near future and was wondering if anyone knows of any good deals from online retailers.
    I've been browsing the FS forum but really for the resale price they appear to be going for I'd almost rather just buy new.
  9. Doc-holliday

    Sounds like you should just get a pair of dt880s. Still have sparkle but more neutral than the 990 or 770. Don't know why you would not just keep your e10. Get a more neutral headphone first and then if u find a need to change your amp/dac then do that.
  10. Doc-holliday

    Crutchfield refurb. http://www.crutchfield.com/p_143HD800R/Sennheiser-HD-800-Factory-Refurbished.html?search=Hd800_refurbished&skipvs=T. Authorised dealer = no risk.
  11. MRiNiCK

    last question.

    How about the new V-Moda M-100??
    which would you prefer?
    I'm already set on getting the dt 1350 next week but saw the V-Moda
  12. Sanotter
    Looking for some closed headphones that are over the ear, VERY comfy and dont leak too much sound. Dont mind if they let sound in, but as long as i can listen to them at a decent volume and people dont get too irritated around me, its fine. 
    I listen to mostly electro house and female vocals, and I'm looking for nice bass extension, not too boomy, and really nice/slightly forward mids, along with smooth, slightly rolled off highs as I don't like bright headphones.
    Don't mind the styling, removable cable is preferred although if it's solid and won't break I don't mind.
    Don't mind a little bit of clamp.
    Budget is max 200GBP (about 250-300$) 
    Might be able to factor in a headphone amp if necessary. I have a Galaxy s3 that I will use with an E7 on the go.
  13. Doc-holliday

    The only V-moda product I have really been able to compare with was the M80 which was a headphone I was impressed with.

    I can only do the same thing you can on the M100 to compare and that is read about them. From pics and reviews they seem cheaper in construction and have a more V shaped sound than what you earlier described. But then I saw there were a bunch of good comments about the mids too so I dunno. Beats me on that one till I get to hear them myself.
  14. dvada191
    Hi, I'm trying to decide on a pair of headphones mostly for casual music playing, and I'm going to run them straight out of my iPhone and/or computer. I'm not a basshead or audiophile, and I don't think I'll really notice any subtle recessions or differences, as I have been using mostly the stock Apple earbuds, and the AKG K77's occasionally. I really like the sound of the K77's, but I want an upgrade, so I've come to a choice between the Sony XB500, the ATH M50, the DJ1/HFI-580 and the DJ1 Pro/PRO550. I have done my research on these headphones, and from what I've seen, the XB500 are real basshead cans, the ATH M50 gives a very flat response, the HFI-580's are sort of balanced, but have a little more colorful bass, and the PRO550 has a larger soundstage than the 580's, but with less bass and bass impact. I mostly listen to electronic music(like DnB, dubstep, house, trance), so I do want some big bass, just not overpowering. My budget is around $150(I'm not really the type to pay a lot for some cans), and I'm kind of leaning to the 580/M50's, but I'm interested now in the others. 
    Can any audiophiles help me out?
  15. somniare
    bump :x

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