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++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

  1. xSpartanCx
    Should I get the dt770s, ath m50s, or hd 558s for all around music, and gaming? I heard the m50 doesn't have very good soundstage (i think that's what it's called, how far away something is). DT770s seem a bit large for my head.
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    What DAC & amp. or source(s) are you going to be plugging the headphones into?
    I would say go for the HD558s, I like to think open headphone put less wear and tear on the ears
    and the HD558 can work plugged into just about anything, but does improve with a good amp.
  3. xSpartanCx
    I'll be using them only on my desktop PC, constant usage for hours.
  4. FlatOut
    Same question, read about hd 588, hd 380 pro, dt770pro80 or a700. Right now i have standart pc audio, i always listen to music and playing to FPS or MMORPG. About pricing lower-better. Got about 200$. I listen to most of genres of music, but mostly its metall,rock, dubstep, so i need some bass. About hd 588 or hd 380 pro for that price i`d also buy a good sound card, but if i buy dt770 or a700 i wont have money to get the card. Also i`d like to know what sound card should i get.Ah forgot one thing, i spend A lot of time in headphones. Thanks in advice!
  5. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I'm assuming your using the desktop's built in audio.
    Get the Asus xonar DG (PCI, $26) or DGX (PCI-E, $40) sound card.
    Should improve the sound quality of whatever headphone your using, over the PC's built in audio.
  6. xSpartanCx
    Do you have any experience with the dgx? I usually have one line in for my xbox and use the computer to route that to my headphones, and I also have a microphone. Can i use the same setup with the card?
  7. shjnlee
    Thanks a bunch for your response!!!
    I'm living in Oregon, U.S
    I am looking into Superlux HD681, Monoprice 8323, and Beyerdynamic DT235. Do you think the Beyerdynamic DT235 would beat them all? 
  8. Doc-holliday

    Honestly I haven't been able to try them all so it wouldn't be fair to answer. From what people say about them they all kinda offer different sounds. If it were me I would try the DT235 but that is based on MY personal sound preference. I think you should read up on each and they all sound like fine choices. Or maybe someone on here has tried all three and can point you in the right direction if you re-list your music preferences and preferred sound.
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  9. elock37
    Hey guys!
    I did a bit more research, looked at some different combinations, and I'm back for some more advice. I've narrowed down my price range and wants a little bit so hopefully it's a bit easier.
    I've decided on an open headphone. I work in a quiet office with enough space to deal with sound leakage (in either direction). I sit at my desk all day (7:30a - 5:00p) and would love to take a step up in quality. I spend so much time listening to music I figured I should get a true experience. I want an amplifier and I'd prefer it be portable. As much time as I spend at my desk, I also do a lot of time in the car and on my feet after work. My budget is adjusted to $600 for the full setup. Since, I'm a newbie I'd like to give myself enough room to experience quality without spending an arm and a leg.
    My listening is all over the place. I cover nearly all genres at some point in my week. My source is usually FLAC from my desktop or Galaxy S3 phone. I'd prefer a neutral sound, maybe favoring the low end (precise, tight and good impact) just a hair. The look is a bit of a factor. I love the look of the white AKG 701s and if it had a similar appearance it would be a bonus. Any suggestion on desk amps, portable amps, or a combination (like the E17/E9k) paired with your headphone suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Magnenntae
    Hey guys, I'm looking for some new headphones. I'm willing to pay anywhere between 150 and 300 usd.
    I listen to mostly 320kbps MP3 files on my laptop, since flac and all those other super high quality file types are confusing and too much of a hassle imo. And I spend a lot of my time in my bedroom chatting with friends on skype, so comfortable headphones are a must. Since I use the computer in my room sound leakage isn't an issue.
    I listen to Dubstep (And i'm talking Skream, Benga, Mala and the like, not the brostep stuff) and Liquid Funk (pretty much Drum and Bass for those of you who have no clue what i'm talking about) mostly, though I do listen to Indie Rock, Hip-Hop, Grime, UK Garage and Trap as well.
    Right now I'm thinking about getting the Sennheiser HD598s but I'm sort of worried, because I remember getting the HD 429s a few years ago, and not being satisfied with them, mostly the bass.
  11. Mysti
    Hey guys, I'm looking for some new headphones mainly for my PC. Budget is probably under $500.
    I'd like some headphones that really bring out the vocals in music. I mainly listen to house, dance, trance, 'peaceful' dnb/dubstep. Are there any headphones that do this well?
  12. cel4145
    Check out the Ultrasone HFI-2400 and Ultrasone 750 Pro. Ultrasones have nice bass response and do very well with your primary listening genres. 
  13. kchapdaily
    ive got a set of hifiman he-4's, and they do quite well with electronic/dubstep type music. the bass is very detailed and deep, but not too warm, and never boomy. the highs cut right through and have great texture and lightness that brings great depth to the sound signature. the mids are slightly recessed but very detailed as well. they have a slight v curve type sound but it works very well with the music you describe. i love the sound they produce for pretty much all kinds of music. they need a powerful amp though. also ive heard that the he-400 are very similar sounding but dont necessarily need an amp, or at least dont need as much power as the he-4. 
    i have less experience with them, but if you would like a closed headphone instead of open, the denon d2000 is another great option. 
    this is just my personal opinion though. i havent listened to them, but the beyerdynamic dt880 may also fit your needs
  14. somniare
    Hey guys, I currently have a sony v6 with fiio e17. I'm looking to purchase a new closed headphones with a budget of $300 ~ $400. Please bear with me, as I think my taste in music is quite different. I'll try my best to describe, but it won't hurt if you can just google a bit hehe. I usually listen to touhou and vocaloid (covers too) songs, which I think it would fit somewhere in the electronica area. I also listen to some jpop and kpop (Supercell, YUI, SNSD, T-ARA, etc). I've set my eyes on the AKG k550, but I wanted a detachable cable preferably. Can anyone provide me some suggestions?
    much thanks!
  15. hfshuflr

    Hi PurpleAngel,
    Thank you for your response (as well as the others who responded to my recommendation question)  I have a question for you, or anyone else who may know the answers:
    Originally I was set on the Phoebus for a few reasons: a) headphone amp, b) headphone & mic controller found on USB headsets.
    I've heard its crap due to the drivers--is there a unified version for that too?  If not, do you or anyone else know of a breakout device, usb or whatever, that may control the volume and the ability to mute the microphone?  Or at least quickly mute the microphone?  It seems there isn't an easy way to quickly mute the microphone in windows 7 like there is in XP (short of yanking the cord out)....
    Seems like DT880 make be a great fit.  I'm thinking heavily of grabbing those then, but before I do, any opinions on the DT880 vs. something like the Hifiman line up, any reason to not consider those, as in, they would require more amps than what the STX has to offer, poor soundstage, etc.?

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