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++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

  1. shjnlee
    Hello Head-Fi!
    First off, I'm completely new to this forum and headphones in general, and English isn't my mother language, so my apologies if my post makes no sense or if its in the wrong place.
    I've been scouting for a headphones <$30 that will fit my needs of:
    - Music listening (I want a headphone that is good with all genres)
    - Playing games (mostly RGP) 
    - Playing my digital piano (with the headphone plugged in)
    - Good bass (but not too much) with decent highs and mids
    - Comfortable and durable.
    Styles, sizes and sound isolation aren't important to me. But, I might use it on buses to my school, so loud sound leakage does somewhat matter.
    Would you please to point out which one fits my needs. Or, could you give me suggestions of other headphones for the same price range that are better then the ones mentioned above.
    I would very much appreciate your expert opinions :)
    Thanks in advance!
  2. hfshuflr
    Hi all, I recently asked some questions regarding headphones, but I'm still not sure what I'd like to get...as much as I'd like to try out a few different headphones, unfortunately I don't know of anywhere near myself (such as a music store) that would have that available, so thought I'd ask for a recommendation on headphones:
    1. Budget of around $500 for just the headphones (plan on buying the card too, so something like $700 altogether)--don't mind spending a bit more if it matters.
    2. I originally was considering a Asus Phoebus but now feel convinced I should just stick with an STX instead.
    3. I was told DT880 Pro 250-Ohm is a good pairing to go with the Phoebus, I assume this still stands for the STX.
    4. Originally stated I'm a gamer, but honestly I hardly play FPS's, mostly into League of Legends, Indie Games, and the occasional RPG.
    5. Currently have Audio Technicas ATH AD700 (fine headphones btw), but wanted something with more bass...I unfortunately don't have any kind of reference on what I mean by that, other than I don't want excessive bass, but I was looking for something with more bass than an AD700, but just as much sound quality across the spectrum as well.
    6. Was hoping a headphone amp that came with the STX would be all I need, and want to avoid buying anything else (i.e. DAC's or other Amps), and also wanted to get a pair of headphones that would really make use of the amp from the soundcard.
    7. I don't really watch movies on my computer, but I do listen to music occasionally, into Electronica, and lately, more so into light (liquid?) drum n' bass.
    8. Was under the impression open headphones are generally more preferable to closed ones.
    I hope I didn't leave anything out, or was too specific as to not be helpful for possible suggestions...I had read mad lust envy's thread, but I don't think those recommendations really pertain to the type of listening I'll probably be using my headphones for.  Thought the Hifiman's 400's looked great otherwise.  Once used Sennheiser 500's, and was originally considering a newer version (600's or 650's) in the same price range, but read they aren't that hot for gaming at all...finally also read that Beyerdynamic DT990's and Ultrasone Pro 900's may be great fits.
  3. fuerchter

    anybody? :S
  4. PurpleAngel Contributor
    The Asus Xonar Essence STX and the DT880 Pro 250-Ohm will work fine together, the pairing works for me.
    Get the "Unified Xonar Drivers" from the website Brainbit.
  5. steve2151
    The HE-400 should excel at replicating drum/bass guitar. I remember MadLustEnvy mentioning how good the bass extension was on this chillstep track in the HE-400 thread. 
    If you don't need the headphone surround capability of a PC sound card, I think that an external dac/amp combination would work better for you from a sound quality perspective. My old Audigy 2 ZS and Claro II don't really stand a chance against my Audinst HUD-MX1 or Audio GD NFB-12. 
  6. SilverSharpie
    Starting to lean towards picking up a pair of Beyerdynamic DT-880 250 ohms. 
    I will be connecting it to either Mac Book Air or Nexus 7 tab or iPhone5/Galaxy 3s (buying a new phone in a few weeks when contract is up not sure on this one yet could use help here too I guess =D)
    Would I be able to run the DT880 on these devices without an amp/dac?When is a DAC necessary if ever?
    If it's worth getting an amp is a Fiio E7, E17, E11 or such a good starting pointing/ able to power these cans?
    I understand that they are semi closer but how loud would someone sitting near me be able to hear what I am listening to? If I am at a library listening to music at a relatively low volume will I get dirty looks from people?  I could limit these to at home listening but I like have the option.
  7. Doc-holliday

    Save a couple extra dollars and get a used Beyerdynamic DT235. If that don't work out, grab a JVC S400 on ear headphone. I have no idea where you are and availablility but those are $25 here.

    You can check out this little list I put together. Also Joker's portable review is linked in the OP. http://www.head-fi.org/t/625124/over-performing-over-achieving-headphones-iems-for-their-price-range-top-cost-effective-cans-iems
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  8. klost
    For POP and Classic, Sennheiser HD 202 or Shure SRH440?
  9. stv014
    Other than the "sound cards are bad" generalization being a myth, the (probably biased as usual) comparisons above are not relevant to hfshuflr's Xonar STX. I could just as well say that external DACs are inferior because my STX is better than a FiiO D5. But returning to the topic, I agree with PurpleAngel that the combination of that card with the DT880 Pro (I have both) should be fine.
  10. eleathar
    Hi there, currently I own an HD 598, paired with Apple ipod nano 6th gen, HRT istreamer and Schiit Asgard. I'm very satisfied so far with this combo, but I'm looking for an headphone upgrade with eventually more resolution, bass and even wider soundstage (HD 598 having already a big soundstage).
    I was leaning toward  Senn HD 700 but I'm a bit concerned after all the negative impressions I read in this forum: too bad I cannot have any chance to audition them before purchase.
    I'm looking for an advice mainly from someone who has/had both hd 598 and hd 700, even better if matched with Asgard.
    The musical genres I listen to are mostly soundtracks, rock, pop and classical.
  11. MRiNiCK

    Alright DT-1350 is the one i'll get..
    Maybe Ill get the Momentum for my b-day gift next month hah
  12. Fierce1979
    Need some new headphones, closed back isolating as mainly used when commuting
    I listen to loud guitar based music almost exclusively, for 2 hours per day roughly
    Budget is £150
    From reading around here, it seems to be fairly close between the HD25's and the AKG 550's
    Anyone got anything to add please?
    Ooh, I'll also be using them with an old iPod Touch, for my sins
  13. Xtron2112
    Well, it happened again.  My MDR-V6 has suffered a cable/jack break (bleeping Griffin Survivor case and it's tiny slot for jacks that managed to bend the jack even after I filed it down) and joined my SR-80s in the headphone graveyard.  I have decided that it might be best to upgrade to headphones meant for portable use and have detachable cables.  After much research, I have narrowed down my candidates to the HD25-1 ii and the V-Moda M80.  Most seem to favor the Senns for the type of music I listen to(i.e. Prog Rock and Metal with some classic rock and alt rock on the side).  However there are three things that make me consider the M80s:


    2.Need for a portable amp
    3.Replacement cables

    Simply put, is the soundstage for the Senns sufficient for something like, say, Dream Theater(yup, yet another DT fan on Head-Fi) or King Crimson or Queen?  And even more importantly, would I need an amp to properly power the Senns?  If so, then what would you suggest? My primary source is an iPod Touch 4G playing ALAC files through Audioforge Equalizer.  Most importantly of all, there is also the factor of the V-Modas using regular male-male cables while the Senns use proprietary cables which I have heard are very hard to find and are very expensive although I have heard you can use replacement cables from other Sennheiser cables(some specific information on this may be the most important deciding factor).  And how do they compare sound-wise with the MDR-V6?



    I would be very, very, VERY grateful for any input and advice....   I need help sooner rather than later.

  14. linuxid10t
    I agree completely, DACs are better is complete BS.  I've heard plenty of DACs that don't sound or measure half as good as my sound card.
  15. darinmc
    Hi everyone.  Briefly, my name is Darin.  I live in South Florida and spend a lot of time with headphones on, so I decided to start doing some research to see how much I was missing by not being informed.
    I currently have a pair of 10 year old Sony MDR-V700's that I bought primarily for PC gaming.  My dog got to the cable at one point and I did my best to solder the cable, wrap and heatshrink.  I have no idea if I've lost any quality.  I like them, but they seem SO strong on the bass side.  Maybe that's just a personal thing, idk.  I also like to bike and have a couple pairs of 30 dollar earbuds.  Nothing fancy, and I mostly listen to audiobooks on the ride so I'm not really factoring that part into this purchase.
    1.  I listen to all genres of music, but would specifically like to enjoy accoustic/vocal music with the new cans.  I would like to retire the mdr-v700's to travel usage and get something for the previously mentioned music and some gaming.  Mostly CS:GO.  
    2.  I understand a large soundstage is good for games, but subjective when it comes to music, so I'm torn because I don't know if I will like it for music playback.
    3.  I have no problem with open since they will be at home.
    4.  I keep looking at cmoy amps and wondering if they are something worth getting.  There are some reputable dealers on ebay (as fun as it may be I have other hobbies and no time).  Otherwise I just wonder how much value I would get out of one.
    5.  Game source is a X-Fi Titanium Fatality (clearance for 50 bucks otherwise I would never buy Fatality products).  Music source is my phone.  MyTouch 4g.  
    6.  I have a budget of about 150 dollars.
    So knowing I have pretty terrible music sources, and a moderately broad set of uses, but what does everyone think?  I read the Summer Buying Guide and did quite a bit of reading.  But it seems like the more reading I do the more indecisive I become.  I've looked at Grado SR-60i and SR-80i, Audio Technica ATH-AD700's and ATH-M50's, as well as a few others.  I really just want something that "moves" me.  Something that takes classic music and breaths new life into it.  And if I can hear someone one at ct spawn when I'm at b that will be an added bonus.
    Thanks for taking the time, this place is great.

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