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++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

  1. fuerchter

    thing is, its more about gaming for me, but i guess that is affected too of course.
    i'd like someone that actually owned the pc166 as well to tell me whether upgrading is worth it (i don't think they're really an audiophile's headset but it got recommended quite a bit to me back when i bought it)
    also, could you recommend other sound cards that might be worth it (probably in between the price range of xonar dg and dx), or other headphones (probably up to 150€? ad700 is already fairly expensive for my taste ^^).
  2. Uzaar
    Of the Asus line, the DS/D1 fits in between the DG and DX. I can assure you that while playing BF3, if I'm paying attention footsteps can be heard with the DG. Also remember that it's not ALL soundcard, headphones play a large part too. To get prices in Euros I just used the French site (of Amazon).You said your limit was 150€ and the Sennheiser 360s are ~140€ with excellent reviews. If you purchase those with a Xonar DG/DS(orD1) then you'll be happy. Note that the Asus Xonar D_ series is designed with gaming in mind so don't think that they're specifically for music.
  3. Seseli
    Hi, I'm new here, and hopefully I am following the rules now and not annoying anyone. : ) Please tell me if I am.
    I am looking for a new pair of headphones.
    Budget: I thought I'd spend around $150, but I could go higher if I need to.
    I'd use them most with my mp3-player (I've got an iRiver), but also with my computer and with my stereo.
    I want headphones that enclose the ear and which are open. I dislike the sound of closed headphones, and I don't care about outside noise disturbing me, or other people being disturbed by what I listen to (I use low volumes anyway). I don't care what they look like, but I do care that they don't "squeeze" my head too tightly, because that gives me a headache.
    Ideally they'd be sturdy--since I move around a lot while using them, I don't want an accidental tug on the cables to cause them to start getting "glitches" in the sound.
    I do not listen to bass-heavy music. Mostly I listen to folk music of various kinds, especially music that does not have a constant mat of sound going on, but is rather open and sparse, if that makes sense? Like, just a voice and a guitar, or just a few instruments. For me, getting voices right is one of the most important things--I listen to a lot of vocal music. I like sound that is open and detailed and full and warm (er, I don't know any technical terms here, I'm just trying to describe my experience).
  4. cel4145
    Actually, the DX and the D1 are the same card. One is PCI-E, the other PCI, and the DX needs to be plugged directly to the power supply using a 4 pin connector. 
  5. klost
    Hi guys, hope I'm posting this in the correct category.
    I'm using a LX-3000 from Microsoft, but I want to buy something better. I usually listen to Classic and POP music, and also use it while gaming, I do not live in the US so the prices are a bit high here (Ex: Sennheiser HD650 for $2300).
    These are the headphones I found in my city, with a not very high price:
    - Sennheiser HD 202
    - Shure SRH 440
    - Shure SRH 240
    I will only use it at home(PC), long periods of time though.
    Obs: I only have a onboard sound card (Realtek 7.1 THX Tru Studio PC)
  6. Meoow
    One simple question, how much is enough to spend on RCA cables for the best performance/price?
    It's funny how Schiit $20 cables outperformed my $110 Chord CobraPlus and gives me the almost identical performance in sounds as my $200 Japanese cables. I was like What...
    Also how good are "Audio Art" and "Black Rhodium".
  7. TMRaven
  8. Doc-holliday
    I didn't say anything when the sound card question came up but should have. Guys this is the FULL SIZED HEADPHONE thread. I have provided links below for both of you guys that will hopefully help.

    You will better find questions to your questions about sound cards and perhaps PC gaming headsets in thsi section of the forum:

    You should be able to find information on your cables in this section of the forum.
  9. HamilcarBarca
  10. Mista N
    Hi my Sony Xbr500s broke recently and I was wondering what you guys would recommend.
    I want them to be closed.
    I use them mostly at home rarely portable.
    I need them to be less then $100 but could go up to $150 if it's good enough.
    Also does anyone know how hard it is to recable a pair of xb500s? I found a thread on it but he hasn't posted since then.
  11. szanella
    For great mids and bass under $300, the Ultrasone Pro 750 comes to mind.
    It's an awesome hp, though somewhat coloured and closed.
    Although I haven't tried it, based on its bigger brothers and reviews, the HiFiMan HE300 might be what you are looking for.
  12. Uzaar
    I know, that's why I used the / sign.
  13. Rhymenoceros
  14. Doc-holliday

    I saw your question a couple days ago. I hope someone here can answer it. You must be a big dude! Maybe this forum needs a "big and tall" section :wink:
  15. Rhymenoceros
    thanks it can be rough going. dont know why they can't just add a couple notches sometimes. jvc and sony seem to have my back in that regard though!

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