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++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

  1. Pritz92
    Okay guys, I'm on a student budget and can only afford earphones ranging from £10-25 (in-ear or on-ear). Tried LOTS of different brands, including a couple of Sennheisers, and none of them beat the quality I get from my cheap Samsung Tocco in-ear hands-free set. My JVC flats are actually quite good except that the volume has to be 50%+ in order to hear high range, thus they leak terribly! The music I love is indie/pop, such as Florence and the Machine and Coldplay. I would love earphones which allow me to hear all the instruments, rather than blurring them out. I also enjoy bass, but not to the extent that it takes over the music. I've also had a listen through those Beats headphones, which were so bass-heavy they put me off over-ear headphones! 
    Hope someone can help! :) 
  2. Musifier
    What about the 310 BT or the MM 450 x ? Or the Parrot Zik they look so good!
  3. Balgheet
    Sorry I don't know how to delete a post, if a mod sees this can you delete it please?
  4. Balgheet
    Can someone tell me everything I need to know about headphones in one response? I want to know things like, what specifically an amp does and why some headphones need it, what is a DAC; what is SQ (sound quality I think?).

    Basically I thought all you needed were a decent pair of headphones and an iPod to have a good time. Now I'm hearing about all this extra hocus pocus that you can apply to make your music experience even better. Anyone who can help me out I'd really appreciate it.
  5. Doc-holliday

    I had the mm550 and it was an okay headphone. The noise canceling feature was no good because when you turn it on all of the bass end gets sucked up by the NC circuit. Makes your music very thin sounding. Bus SQ with the Noise Canceling off was enjoyable. I presume the 450 uses the same stuff. Cant say anything about the 310BT.

    I take it you don't like the in ear idea?

    Most noise canceling cancels out humm like that of an engine but they don't block out voices and such that well. To be totally honest the Bose QC15 has the best NC that I have ever heard but you pay a pretty penny for that when in that range you can get far, far better sound quality from other phones. If NC is the most important to you get the bose. If sound quality is most important go with an in ear headphone like i mentioned before. You don't even have to get an expensive model to start. The inexpensive alternative to the Bose is the Able Planet NC1100. Works pretty good for NC and has decent sound quality but nothing like the experience you would get with a good pair of IEM's.
  6. Musifier
    What about the Parrot Zik???
  7. Doc-holliday

    Sorry haven't tried it. The only NC headphone I would try is the UE which is based soley on this review.

    Again if sound isn't important to you get the bose. NC is really good. And if you wanna save money to get slightly better sound but not as good NC get this.

    Good luck.

    edit: sorry fixed link.
  8. Meoow
    Hmm...I am looking to upgrade my portable amp (RSA Mustang) to a powerful portable amp that can drive my AKG-HD650-HE500...
    I love the "house-sound" from RSA and I want something that can deliver quite the same sounding. I am eyeing at ALO MKIII and Continental V2 and maybe RSA SR-71B.
    *Also I am getting Cypherlab Solo R.
  9. zeinharis
    The iBasso PB2 or ALO RX MK3B through its balanced output perhaps
  10. Musifier
    I am going for the UE9000 thank fo all the help I really appreciate it...
  11. Mshenay
    I'm now looking for a Good DAC and AMP to drive DT 880's 600 ohm as they might be mah next BIG purchase in the Spring, I've got the 

    Audinst HUD-mx1

    as a possible DAC
    Any advice on Tube Amps that are POWERFUL enough to drive the dt 880 600's under $600
  12. thecansmancan
    Alright I'm gonna try here.
    And amp amplifies for music, betcha didn't know that. OK well essentially, some headphones are less efficient than others. The higher the impedance the more juice its going to need. The lower impedance means it needs less. Some speak of sound discrepancies in the two, i can talk. Extremely low impedance headphones are sensitive to the amps output impedance. High impedance headphones are often finicky about which amps play well with them.
    A DAC is a digital to analogue converter. It takes your music as binary code and transfers it to analogue so you can actually hear it. And device that plays music (i.e ipod, mo3 player etc) anything with a headphone jack uses a dac. These too come in varying qualities and prices. 
    Frequency response (Hertz range) is how high/low a headphone can produce sound. However 20-20kHz is the extent of human hearing so don't worry about anything above and below it. 
    Open cans typically have bigger sound stage but less bass and closed cans are pretty much the exact opposite, just as a rule of thumb.
    Um..well there's a TON more, but that's a bit of a crash course. You may also want to look up some terms that describe sound. warm dark, sibilant, etc. I would pay a little less attention to hard stats and more to review. Oh and if you're using apple always have your music in apple lossless format.
  13. HumanSaurusRex
    I am looking to upgrade my portable headphones. Spent the last hours reading reviews and found the UE6000, Fischer Audio FA003 and T50p to be what I like most. 
    My new headphones must provide good isolation, overall sound and comfort for portable and home use. Mostly I listen to rock and metal, but would also like to use them for watching TV at home.
    Would you prefer the UE6000, Fischer 003 or Beyerdynamic T50p? Or something else? ...
  14. MrNoobTubeMan
    Hey, I am new at this stuff. I like headphones and want something new and good. I have tried several headphones, and I want a pair that will last me for a while. So what I want: A pair of over ear headphones, neutral sound, with quality bass and not too bright highs. Also, over all clear SQ, a good soundstage, and with good instrument separation.  I listen to dubstep, rock(occasionally), techno, electronic and stuff like that. I have listened to:
    1. FA-003/HM5/Jaycar- I liked them, but I had problems while listening to dubstep. The sound was congested and I need more separation.
    2. Philips Cityscape Uptown- Again, I did like them, but the highs were too bright. Also, they were more relaxed, but I need something faster.
    I am looking to spend about $100. My uncle is member "BloodyPenguin" and he has shown me about headphones and general info about them. Thanks to anyone who can help me!
  15. Meoow
    I am nowhere near playing around with balance. I just want something that has superior sounding (no dry~harsh sounding thought) and long lasting battery life with the power to run HD650 and HE-500. I want to make this the last and perhaps best portable setup possible.
    IBasso seems like a "steal", but I don't have much knowledge about how it sounds. RSA Mustang sounding really impress me so does the Asgard. I want something quite simlilar to those.

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